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AutoPlay gitHub

Small mod based on Firaxis code to launch the game in autoplay with active camera

  1. external link

    Updates on gitHub/Steam only
  2. version 3

    - add advanced setup option to start the game in normal or autoplay mode
    - add turn (shift+T) and players (Alt+T) timers
    - add auto end turn toggle shortcut (shift-E)
    - add quick combat/movement toggle shortcut (Q)
    - tweak war/peace notification (longer display, icons added)
  3. v.2 with more options

    • Only display (Turn : Date : IRL hour) at beginning of turn
    • Remind the key for help (H) every 10 turns
    • Controls:
      • H : display all controls
      • U : show/hide User Interface
      • I : start/stop automatic camera
      • Shift+N : Notifications (war, peace, new cities, ...) On/Off
      • Shift+A : Start/Stop autoplay (you have to wait for the start of next turn)
      • Shift+W : Auto Declare War (each Civilization will try to declare one new war each turn) On/Off