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Berserker of Khorne 2016-10-05

Berserker of Khorne

  1. seZereth
    These are the most insane Warriors known in the old world of Warhammer, killing to shed blood for the blood god... Khorne. They will hopefully be included in one of the next versions of the mod. For everyone who cant wait to spread terror on the battlefield ill release them here and now.

    They are based on the Warlords Viking model (heavily nifedited!) and the Viking model niffed on the Mongol_mounted_swordsmans using its animations.
    with a closed Axemans Helmet (+horns) thanx to Rabbit White.
    They use (as the Viking does) a 512x512 texture, so i suggest not using too many of them ingame.

    You can use them in your Mod, but as i created this texture with love all bymyself please give me full Credit. have fun