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[BNW] IndieStone Visual Tech Tree Editor 2016-10-05

The IndieStone Visual Tech Tree editor is a graphical editor that allows you to modify the Civilization 5 tech tree and automatically generate XML files for mods which enact the changes you specify.

Originally written by lemmy101 and CaptainBinky, this version is updated for Brave New World and has a variety of bug fixes, plus some new features!

Quick note for anyone who's encountered issues trying to run this program, please ask in this tool's forum thread instead of on here - very few if any people will see messages on the download page itself! Also, check some of the other posts in the thread (particularly the last few pages) for some common errors that users have encountered - many reported errors already have solutions there.

Some useful information:
  • You should be able to run the extracted program from anywhere - it doesn't matter where you extract it to. (But you will need to extract the whole thing)
  • If you are having issues running the Editor and have EUI or other "fake DLC" mods installed into your CivV install directory, try removing those mods and relaunching the Editor.
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