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  1. D

    [C3C] Civilization Reborn - gameplay balance mod

    Gameplay balance mod by Mihnea I have always been intrigued by the prospect of playing Civilization III Conquests with small, but meaningful, tweaks, resulting in an improved experience. In performing this work, I have found inspiration in the sources below. I would like to express my sincere...
  2. ThesaurusRex

    [C3C] Allowing barbarians to enslave units

    Coming back to this game I'm honestly impressed by the level at which people have utterly modified parts of the game I was positive were irreversibly hard-coded. How exactly it's done is over my head at the moment, but it's brought back something I've wanted to make possible for a while: what...
  3. M

    Kurgan 2020-12-18

    A Kurgan, a type of mound grave, from the Pontic-Caspian steppe. Mostly based on civ 6 assets. This is meant to be a recognizable - while not particularly historical - depiction with a huge obelisk but no prominent mound.
  4. Balint Fekete

    How to increase the amount of cities avaliable on a map?

    I would like to create a big map with a lot of cities but apparently I faced the problem of being limitated because of this limited cities stuff which means you can't create more than 512 cities on map. Is there a way of increasing this number or do I just have to deal with it and have only 512...
  5. Balint Fekete

    Need help with the Star Wars TMA modpack

    So rigth now I am doing my first playthrough and I am with the New Republic. I have already researched the whole Jedi tech tree but for some reasons I can not build the Palace of the Jedi Wonder even though my government is jedi republic. I also can't build the Galactic Senate. If anyone knows...
  6. ChaotiCast

    I dunno where this goes, but I'm at my ends and I just wanna fix this

    So, my friend finally got me hooked on Civ, and since Civ 3 Complete is $5 on steam, i bought it and have been having a blast with it (somuchso that ive stopped playing SC atm for it) but anytime we play multiplayer it seems to crash out anytime after an hour 1/2 at earliest and 3:45 at latest...
  7. Balthasar

    Oni Ryuu's "TLC Merchantile" Mod title screen by Balthasar 2018-08-03

    In February 2018, I contacted Oni Ryuu about making a title screen for his "TLC Merchantile" Modpack. After some false starts (my fault, honestly), Oni provided to me the dramatic image on which this title screen is based. It has since become one of my favorite title screens - I use it as one...
  8. Balthasar

    Gwendoline's "Man's Work" Mod Title Screen by Balthasar 2018-08-03

    Back in February 2018, I worked with Gwendoline on a number of ideas for a title screen for his "Man's Work" mod, and this dramatic image, from a photograph taken in the Afghanistan conflict, was the one we finally agreed on. I'm only now getting around to posting it to the database, but as the...
  9. Balthasar

    King Arthur's Super Scenario Title Screen by Balthasar 2018-08-03

    These are title screens for King Arthur's Super Civ Scenario, for which I made a bunch of graphics, including a custom map based on Christopher Nolan's Gotham City. The title screen includes a picture of the game map in the background. The Mod is pretty old (in Civ years), but I've been...
  10. Balthasar

    [GRAPHICS] Odds and Ends

    Over the last few weeks, as Vuldacon & I have approached the final phase of making our epic Old West Mod, I've been increasingly frustrated by the number of unfinished small projects cluttering up my virtual workspace. This thread is a place for me to finally put some of these orphan projects...
  11. Balthasar

    "Adventure Tours" Title Screen 2018-07-25

    Made on a whim, with no particular mod in mind. This one's on a beach, near a tequila bar. Nice place to start an adventure, no? This title screen can be used with any mod. I've included both Civ III Complete and Conquests title screen and custom title screen buttons files. Drop the files...
  12. Balthasar

    "Morning Armor" Title Screen 2018-07-25

    I was originally going to name this: "Out Standing in the Field of Tanks" (the original image is a screenshot from a History Channel program "The One Thing You Should Know About WWI") finally settled on a mood-description. Despite its martial theme, it's actually rather subdued.. This title...
  13. Balthasar

    "Breaker Boys" Title Screen 2018-07-25

    A breaker boy was a coal-mining worker in the United States and United Kingdom whose job was to separate impurities from coal by hand in a coal breaker. Although breaker boys were primarily children, elderly coal miners who could no longer work in the mines because of age, disease, or accident...
  14. Ogedei_the_Mad

    Northeast Asia Buildings Pack 2017-12-23

    A pack of five buildings with Northeast Asian (Chinese, Korean, Japanese) architecture. Note that I mislabeled the "Shinden" as a "Reception" hall - Shinden actually translates to "sleeping hall."

    Game Crashes When Loading a Saved Multiplayer Game

    My friend and I have been playing civ3 complete steam online, but when we tried auto save and manual saving to load it, my game crashes without even seeing the map, but my friend can still continue as if I was still there. We have tried different people hosting the game with no difference. I...
  16. matheus4367

    Detailed History Project

    Hello For a long time, Civ3 was my favorite game, I played it a lot, but when more recent versions of the game appeared, I ended up leaving the Civ3 aside. A few days ago, I hit a nostalgia and decided to play Civ3 again. With a few days I ended up creating a project for a great modpack. Create...
  17. S

    Civ 3 Complete won't start with OS X Sierra

    Sooooo.... I upgraded my system to MacOS Sierra, and now Civ 3 Complete won't start :'( Any ideas? Thanks in advance.
  18. S

    Civ 3 Complete won't start with OS X Sierra

    Soooo.... I just upgraded to Sierra, and now Civ 3 complete won't start :'( any ideas?
  19. Synobun

    [C3C] Trainers/Utilities... for the Steam edition

    Hello everyone. It's been a long while since I've posted here! Still many familiar faces which is nice to see. I moved across the country a couple years ago and didn't have enough room to bring along my retail discs. So, instead, I've got myself the Steam version of Civ 3 Complete. I've always...
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