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BroodWar (Warlords 2.13 mod) 2016-10-05

[FONT=Haettenschweiler, sans-serif]BroodWar[/FONT][FONT=Haettenschweiler, sans-serif]– A Civ IV Mod for Warlords 2.13[/FONT]

This mod attempts to capture the flavor of the original Starcraft game, especially the intricate balance between completely different unit sets possessed by different races. This mod is not a complete conversion of the Starcraft game as the late, very ambitious CIVCRAFT mod was.

There are 16 civilizations (4 of each race) and 26 leaders. Each race has its own set of terrain improvements, units and buildings (with only a few in common). The Civopedia is fully updated for information on each civilization, unit, race (under the religion header), leader, building and wonder.

Check out the forum to find out about the mystery fourth race: http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?p=6023405
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