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BtS Mod Install Script (Version 2) 2016-10-05

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To use this script download and install the free program NSIS installer, found here:

What it does:
This script makes it so any person can simply double click on the .exe you create and automatically installs the mod. No complex instructions for people wanting to use your mod. It also automatically creates a desktop shortcut to your mod. So that people won't need to decide to change their main ini file, or load the mod at each start up. They can simply click on the desktop shortcut it creates to launch your mod.

Also it now creates an uninstaller, so that you can have it remove old versions (it does this automatically after your mod is installed using this script--if this is the first version where you use this script to make an installer, and you want it to remove previous versions, instruct your users to simply install twice, and it'll do it)

  • Download the script, and extract it
  • Download & install NSIS installer program (free program)
  • Place your mod in a properly named folder in the correct path
  • Use Notepad, or another text editor and change the NAME, MOD_NAME (this normally refers to the name of the folder of your mod*) and version number at the beginning of the script.
  • Load the script in NSIS, and compile it
*In some instances, this is not the case. See my example script to see more. If you are still confused, post in the thread.

Thanks to John Elcard for supplying the template script, and Snarko for helping Phungus to get the original version working.
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