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  • Oh wow congrats! I know what you mean, I haven't play Civ in months. Hopefully when the next expansion of CIV V comes out I'll try it out.

    That's great though you're off to bigger and better things ;)
    Hi NikNaks,

    thanks for the offer, but I do not need any help. There are not that many units released, so it is easy to keep on top of things these days ;)

    I will have a new version out soon-ish (just waiting for Bakuel's next batch of units and some work I have to do to add a new civ), so you might want to wait for that one.

    Btw, does BAT use the WoC standard ? Because I do, and converting that back might take a bit of time...
    Sorry, got your civ via civ gold, I gave the civ gold team credit, but any1 who wants their name specificly on it, ill put it on, your names will be added, thanks!
    Where are you?! How can you have visited these forums on June 16 and not gotten my messages?!
    Whats up dude?
    I see you are here all the time...
    At least u should react something on the thread, even if u don't plan to continue SE right now
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