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Hitler 2016-10-05


  1. NikNaks
    Yes, it's another Hitler. The first skin was great, but Napoleon's uniform didn't look that great. :sad: The second skin used FDR's face, which didn't go down so well...

    So here's my version! Complete with suit, hat and Iron Cross.

    Now includes a no-hat version (as per requests):

    Discussion Thread

    Bear in mind, this is a work in progress, mainly due to the skin quality, so I might be coming back to it in future. If someone more skilled than I wants to make a skin, please, go ahead, and I'll probably replace mine with yours.

    I also want to add an insignia to the cap, to round it off nicely.

    Oh, and please keep comments to the leaderhead, and not the leader. Ta. ;)

    Dutchking - originally used the hat from his Rommel
    KrugerPritz - now using his modified hat
    kodzi, Hadrean and Elohim - I used their Napoleon skin as my base, and I've used their background


    1. hitlerscreenie2nohat_1_7U9.png