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[BtS] Quot Capita v8.1 2016-10-05

for [civ4] :bts: 3.19
current version: v8.1
date: 2010.08.21
"Quot capita, tot sententiae"
"As many opinions as people"



Civilizations made by me have install options to install for Quot Capita. First install QC, then download the civilization and choose Install for Quot Capita option.


NEW ADDITION! (2010.08.04) STONE AGE IN QUOT CAPITA (Prehistoric Era)

My suggestion to you guys/girls would be to just jump into the game and let you experience this new era!
I have high hopes it recreates the feeling of the age it tries to simulate:
you start with a small band of Homo Sapiens Sapiens struggling for survival in a hostile but at the same time exciting environment.
When food was more about hunting than gathering, when a mythological shroud enveloped those fearsome wild beasts and tales of
great achievements echoed the starry nights by the fire - this is the time when the seeds of great civilizations are sown.

If you are the sort of player who likes to know the exact whats and hows, I can understand this need, so here's the list of
  • Stone Age tech tree - with stuff that was taken for granted before now only gradually becoming available. Sedentary lifestyle is a choke/checkpoint to Ancient Era and thus an improved growth, because there's ...

  • Seriously slowed early growth - you don't have access to settlers beyond your starting band. The earliest opportunity to build settler type units is at Tribalism. The food requirements for a city to grow are also multiplied by 3. All this means you need to rely on the next feature listed, which is...
  • Improved hunting mechanics - each animal now has a food "yield" (you can check it in Sevopedia), which is a base food value your nearest city will receive upon successful hunt. You need the Hunting tech for it to work; and you need the Hunter promotions for it to shine. The Coocked food tech also adds a small boost to the food value.
  • New unit classes with some completely new art- stone spears, stone axes, slings, battering rams

  • New buildings - e.g. Knowledge Inheritance, Stone Tools Workshop, etc. and the Lascaux Paints wonder (wonder art by avain).
  • New worker builds/improvements - with new, cool art!

  • New animals (wild boar, bison, orangutan, etc)

  • Homo neanderthalensis - the rival of Homo Sapiens. Will it be extinct again? Just be prepared, these guys have more muscle than the Governor of California!

  • Mythological creatures - when you are only armed with a stick or a stone spear at best, even a wild boar can instill fear that leads way to imagination. It is also quite possible that some now extinct animals were alive back then. The perception of these by the early cultures was interwoven with myths, beliefs and legends. So a lion might become a terrifying Chymera, a wild bull a mighty Minotaur. If you manage to defeat these famous beast however, it will provide more that enough fame for you, not to mention there will be something to story about by the fire while the kids are listening in awe. Just don't let the women see trough you and actually start demanding the hunted food;) You receive culture in your nearest city. Mysticism banishes these mythological creatures back to the legends where they belong.


What IS Quot Capita you may ask?

The simple answer is: it's a combined modpack including some of the best mods Civ community can offer.

RevDCM is it's beating heart:
  • Dales Combat Mod offers most importantly Ranged Bombardment, improved air combat, battle effects and more.
  • BTS unofficial patch
  • Better BTS AI - the AI is more capable, you might want to turn down a difficulty level or two :p
  • BUG - Unaltered, but greatly improved gameplay (interface, info screens and more!)
  • WoC - World of Civilization, how modular loading should have been in the first place
  • Super Spies does spice up the spying game, you can create your very own 007s and Austin Powerses here.
  • Inquisition let's you recreate one of the funniest eras in human history, and step into the shoes of the ever-jolly Torquemada. (I might have confused the fun part here with a Monty Python sketch :dubious:, but whatever)
  • Influence Driven War feels natural when played, integrates flawlessly into the gameplay, now every battle counts for those cultural borders!

Varietas Delectat spices up the unit sets, and if you want some background info: I started to work on VD because I was dreaming of a big composite mod I can plug it into in the first place!

Stone Age is a whole new starting era for QC!

Mastery Victory done by the great Sevo. Once I saw this modcomp I knew that it perfectly expressed the way I like to play Civ: pursue everything and enjoy every last drop of it! It pretty much awards you points for everything you do - it measures your Civilization's almost every significant accomplishment!

Terraforming, Forest Planting - I admit I borrowed some code snipets and ideas here, and created a modcomp for terraforming and forest planting. This is basically for the human player to play around with the World and be able to do something about those pesky deserts and global warming - if he can afford it, of course! (I tried to make it so that the AI understands it, but considering the costs of these actions I think the AI is better off not using them)

Where is the Future Era and the Sci-fi in Civ, you may ask? BtS Next War and it's Extension by me tries to find an answer to this question.

GreatPersonMod adds a kind of flavour to acquiring a Great Person that I really like. You get a pop-up image and a quote from the Great Person - nifty, ey?

Events with images - self explanatory, pop-up image with event description.

ActualQuotes - This mod replaces the original leader-specific diplomacy text with text based on attributed quotes.

Route Restricter - Don't be afraid, only some selected units will be restricted in their movement, such as the Railway Artillery prestige unit.

Hunting mechanics - Did someone mention food? FOOD! Hunt those mammoths for FOOD! :trouble: You get food based on animal food yield in the nearest city. Can be augmented with Hunter promotions. http://forums.civfanatics.com/showpost.php?p=8289745&postcount=448

But above all: The aim is always to have a stable, playable, balanced and FUN game.



You can check below the mods that are currently integrated:

RevolutionDCM for BTS v2.8 beta (revision 522) (RevDCM Team)

Better AI v1.01f+ (revision 591 + "AI refuses to take empty cities" fix) (Jdog500)

BUG v4.4+ (revision 2236) and BULL v1.2+ (revision 200) (BUG Team)

Varietas Delectat v9.2 (avain)

Leaders of Varietas Delectat v3.2 (avain)

Mastery Victory (by Sevo, Thorn and converted to BtS by me)

Terraforming, Forest Planting mod v1.1 (avain)

GreatPersonMod (improved graphics version) (Amra, Gaurav, TheLopez, Roamty)

ActualQuotes for BtS (Willowmound)

Route Restricter (shqype)

Stone Age (avain, thanks goes to The_Triturador, LunarMongoose)

Revorked modern era techs and units

New (balanced) resources, new promotions, new animals

BtS Next War (Civ4 BtS) + Next War Extended (avain): Plasma Infantry, Mammoth Tank, Terminator, Leviathan, Starfighter, Dropship, new Mechs, new Techs, reworked Arcologies, reworked Next war unit classes and more!

Installer version to ease the installation process

Minor gameplay changes, such as:

- You can get Great General points towards your VERY FIRST (and ONLY the first) Great General even via Barbarian combat (but not animal combat)
- Recycling Center now HALVES the building unhealthiness
- Hunting animals for food
- Diversified religions with a moderate spread rate differences, different base yields of culture/science/gold,
and some bonus to temples/monasteries to the religions with slower spread rate.



- Important: first update your BtS to 3.19

- Run the installer



While you are of course free to play with any options you want, I thought I would formularize a recommended settings paragraph,
just because it will reflect the way I like to play, and thus it will always represent the settings I usually test and balance QC the most.
  • Map script: PerfectWorld2QC
  • Starting era: Prehistoric
  • Gamespeed: Legendary (950 turns)
  • Victory conditions: Mastery
  • NO Revolutions
  • NO Barbarian civs
  • Limited Religion


Sorry guys, but I alone can manage only the English support, if you are willing to provide translation to other languages, go for it, I'll be happy to include them!



When pictures speak a thousand words:
Spoiler :



Source files (SDK): included in the download
Also debug dll and nsi installer file is included


Memory Allocation Failure issues (or MAFs)

By playing on bigger maps and with more leaders the memory usage of the game increases. On a 32bit OS this pretty much means guaranteed MAFs, usually happening somewhere in the late game. Even on 64bit systems it can be a problem, and you might need to
consider enabling the Civ exe file to be able to address more than 2GB of virtual memory.
I've personally tried a solution discussed from the threads I linked below, and it works. There is some risk involved however,
so please make sure you understand :hammer2: what you are doing and how you can get back to a stable OS if something goes wrong.

Please read and follow: http://forums.civfanatics.com/showpost.php?p=9357900&postcount=1088



The creator of Quot Capita owes serious thanks to at least the following awesome modders, teams, individuals:

RevolutionDCM team
BUG Team
Sevo, Thorn
johny smith
The Almighty dF

all others involved, whether directly or indirectly, via included mods/parts, feedback or error reports! Thank You! :hatsoff:



  • corrected installer, now leaderhead packs can be installed separately
  • removed initial requirements from forest and jungle chop, so they should not show at stone age techs
  • no more creation warning for mythological creatures (they now have team limit instead of global)
  • added Slash and Burn actions to workers, and I hope the AI will prefer chop once available
  • bombard cost increased from 80 to 90, and trebuchets now upgrade to cannons only
  • microlith workshop strategy text corrected
  • lumbermill also provides Timber
  • Timber now obsoletes with Industrialism (was Mining)
  • mod version text corrected
  • Lascaux paint reduced in culture (because of the 1000 years doubles culture effect)
  • Urban Tactics III now correctly requires Urban Tactics II
  • Logistics moved in tech window so now Communism is visible
  • KGB caused anarchy length reduced from golden age lenght / 2 + 1 to golden age length / 3 + 1
  • KGB warning text is now "Agents from Lubyanka are causing anarchy in foreign states!!"
  • added check for prototyping, now correctly notifies only of player's prototypes (edit after upload: probably not good still)
  • blood from fighting gorillas and orangutans reduced to normal proportions
  • increased Prehistoric Music significance for the AI (religion path included)
  • Ishtar Gate now has a chance to contact some not known civs, and increased in cost
  • Ron's maps now start at 100.000 BC, starting era is Prehistoric and techs, gameoptions corrected
  • RAZING_CULTURAL_PERCENT_THRESHOLD increased to 50 (from 25)
  • added tech strategy texts to Ancient Era techs (Sid's tips)

Spoiler :

  • a whole new era, Stone Age has been added (thanks to The_Triturador, LunarMongoose for their mods)
  • Paddle Steamer added
  • No Sci-fi can now be selected at install
  • a huge-huge number of adjustments, corrections, etc - sorry, I didn't keep track of these

v7.04 patch

- includes patch 7.01
- Manhattan project fix (now really a National Project)
- AI razings adjusted (should be less now, please report)

patch v7.01
  • ranged bombard fix (CvSelectionGroup.cpp) (thx AvatarLDI)
  • updated to Better AI 1.02a revision 595
  • included missing text for NextWar events (thx The Almighty dF)
  • corrected Railway Gun to have Factory buildingclass as prereq (instead of Factory building) (thx Cambion)
  • added flanking ability to cuirassiers class, cavalry class, helicopter class and gunship class against Bombards (thx vivictius)
  • added missing flanking to helicopter class against older siege units

  • merged RevDCM 2.8beta(rev522) + BetterAI v1.01f+(rev591 + "AI refuses to take empty cities" fix) + BULL v1.2+(rev200) + BUG v4.4+(rev2236)
  • added Varietas Delectat v9.2
  • added full v3.2 Leaders of VD (huge kudos to AbsintheRed and The Almighty dF!)
    -> comes in two packs - if you are getting MAFs I suggest installing only 1 or 0 pack. (Pack 1 also contains Improved Graphics LH + improved Alexander LH)
  • added Events with images (renegadechicken, EmperorFool, smeagolheart)
  • added Europe and Earth maps for QC by Ronyboss
  • added Thomas SG's solution to make the Manhattan Project a National Project and to allow nukes for a single civ
  • removed some terrainImpassables from Gorillas (thx riddleofsteel)
  • Pioneer Aviation set to Industrial Era, Radar and Ceramic Armour set to Modern Era (thx NDCSPURS)
  • Prototyping does not give Nukes anymore (thx vivictius) (BTW, no more sea units if capital is not coastal)
  • Possible correction to Choose Religions options giving 2 religions at once (please check and report back)
  • Civic screen reverted back to Vanilla (I just like this one much-much more)
  • Optimized and corrected the Plasma Infantry units


- based on RevolutionDCM revision 510 (+revision 513 fix), also set initial GlobalDefinesAlt.xml to match the ini
- added Varietas Delectat v9.0
- added Leaders of VD v3.0 cut version
- added Blue Marble terrain install option (as NoCustomArt and NoCustomAssets are now set)
- removed religious food taboos


- added modified PerfectWorld2 map script (less peaks and desert, vanilla bonus placement) - PerfectWorld2QC.py
- killing an Elephant creates an Ivory bonus (50% percentage chance + 20% per Hunter promotion level)
- customized religions (where there's no apparent bonus in temple or monastery (e.g. Taoism), there's bigger spread rate (e.g. Christianity)
- introduced religious food taboos
- City Ruins - defense bonus, evolves into Archaeological Site if worked, gold yield increases at Education, Radar, Ecology
- unhealthiness to early civics (e.g. slavery) to compensate for more health resources even more
- Legendary speed rebalanced (early year progress was slowed down, i.e. with some 500 years at 1300)
- animal XP upped to 7, barbarian XP upped to 15
- further reduced Apple spawn rates
- Jeanne D'Arc is both a great general(Joan of Arc), and a great prophet with matching popup graphics
- Forge graphics fixed (from CC v0.55 from VD)
- Modern Roads retextured (avain)
- Prime Timber should not be tradeable (even if worthless) - now obsoletes with Mining


- updated to Varietas Delectat v7.5
- new Main Menu (finally got around to bring Babayetu back!;))
- Tipu Sultans graphics corrected to be a Great Prophet (thx LegionSteve!)
- a bit reshuffled MLF_CIV4ModularLoadingControls.xml loading order of Modules


- crash when loading the mod (mostly under XP) corrected by merging Next War modules
- corrected Modern Infantry text (was Marines previously)
- UNIT_ARTSTYLE_GREMAN corrected for Trench Infantry (thx tgvulcan!)
- Bomber's bombing actions restored (thx Martin79!)
- Russian Jet Fighter graphics corrected (thx Nemesys!)
- added Lubyanka(KGB) Wonder (tsentom1)
- added Himeji Samurai Castle Wonder (tsentom1)
- added the Terracotta Army Wonder (tsentom1)
- added the Ishtar Gate Wonder (tsentom1)


- upgraded to Varietas Delectat v7.0
- added hunting animals for food mechanics (with Hunter promotions)
- corrected res/Fonts files
- adjusted abundance/rarity of new resources
- small production bonus when clearing jungles (1/3 of forest)
- added Modern Frigate (Highwayhoss)
- added diplomusic to Charles I
- created new Trench Infantry button
Things snatched from PIG (PieceOfMind):
- Axeman increased in cost to 40 (from 35). Same change for axeman unique units
- AIR_PATROL_RADIUS changed from 1.5 to 2.0
- Missile Cruiser iPower (used in power calculations) increased from 14 to 40
- UNIT_AI_ESCORT_SEA removed from stealth destroyers
- Ironclad movement increased to 3 (up from 2), but is a tad bit more expensive


- updated to RevolutionDCM v2.51
- added Amra's improved artpack for the GreatPersonsMod
- added new animals: Siberian and Bengal Tigers, Cheetah, Elephant, Gorilla, Hyena, Mammoth, Polar Bear (Giant Panda is also added, but not activated - need to findgood spawn rates and terrains for it)
- added Bombard unitclass and Great Turkish Bombard prestige unit
- added Trench Infantry unit class
- added BioMissile v2 and Guided Missile v2
- added new resources: apple, bison, cotton, salt, shrimp, tea, timber, tobacco
- added new balance for buildings and gameplay to accomodate the new resources (forge, factory with oil and coal, industrial park cause more unhealtiness, 1 unhappiness with Civil service to balance out the new happiness resources)
- added new promotions: Arctic Combat, Desert Combat, Crusader, Coastal Guard, Fusion MegaCannon, Heroic, HighExplosiveShells, RadioactiveShells, Looter, Noble, Shields, Trench, UrbanTactics
- new technologies for the modern era to give better lifespan to modern units (Ceramic Armour, Continuous Track, Trench Warfare, Logistics, Radar, Sonar)
- further increased modularity (moved techs and units from Modern Era VD to modules)
- added some improved resource graphics from Chuggi's Improved Graphics
- added new Legendary gamespeed (1000 turns, recommended for QC)
- python corrections


- added Shqype's Route Restricter
- added snafu's Railway Gun
- added GreatPersonMod by Gaurav, TheLopez, Amra, Roamty
- added Paved Road, GravTube and JumpLane
- corrected typo in Revolution.ini (DistanceToCaptialModifier)
- further increased WoC compliancy, now it's possible to easily remove Next War
- set options to intended default ones (some can be changed via Custom Game
and others ingame with CTRL+ALT+O)
- corrected typo in CIV4CityLSystem.xml (ARSTYLE_SOUTH_EAST_ASIAN)
- some other minor corrections


- now compatible with BtS 3.19 patch
- upgraded to RevDCM v2.5
- upgraded to Varietas Delectat v6.1


- added: Disruptor artillery
- added: Prototyping tech's new ability
- added: Andromeda Strain doom missile (thanks to tsentom1!)
- added: Eden Project (tsentom1)
- added: Xenobiology
- fixed: missing Nuke Bomber and Inquisitor unit art
- fixed: some units not getting their ranged attack
- fixed: CivAlerts for domination limit error
- fixed: mechs and other future units are now correctly mechanical

- further extended Next War: more techs&mechs for the future Era!
- option to install new LHs
- missing Revolution.ini problem fixed
- isColor python exception fixed
- gamespeeds are a tad bit longer, new Odyssey gamespeed
- installer corrections

- added Next War Extended: Plasma Infantry, Mammoth Tank, Terminator, Leviathan,
reworked Arcologies, reworked Next war unit classes
- minor gameplay changes, such as:
-You can get Great General points towards your VERY FIRST (and ONLY the first)
Great General even via Barbarian combat (but not animal combat)
- Recycling Center now HALVES the building unhealthiness
- intaller version to ease the installation process

- updated to Varietas Delectat v6.0
- added Next War module (mamba)

- initial version

Please share your ideas, error findings, etc. in this thread! Thanks!!!
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