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[BTS v.3.13-Modular global mod] PSYX's Modern worl 2016-10-05

[BTS v.3.13-Modular global mod] PSYX's Modern worl

  1. PSYX
    [BTS v.3.13-Modular global mod] PSYX's Modern world 4 (FULL VERSION)

    (Added 1.12.07) Patch to v.4.1 for mod: “PSYX's Modern world 4”


    - Beyond the Sword with patch 3.13

    (Only if you want)- Russification of Beyond the Sword from civfanatics.ru (If you want to game with russian language): http://www.civfanatics.ru/forum/index.php?showtopic=6748


    - new system of load ("Modular loading") from Firaxis is now used...

    - artstyles of units are added from mod "Ethnically Diverse Units MOD v3.0" + styles of units are added for civilizations of Rus (Russia, Ukraine, Russia, Byelorussia) and Poland

    - civilizations are added: Russia (Leaders: Svyatoslav, Yaroslav; unit: boyarskyy druzhinnik), Ukraine (Leaders: Tymoshenko, Yuschenko, Svyatoslav, Yaroslav; unit: T-84 "Oplot"), Belorus (Leader: Lukashenko; unit: BMP "Cobra"), Poland (Leaders: Casimir, Sobieski; unit: Heavy hussar), Australia (Leader: Kurtyn; unit: Australian marine infantry)

    - religion is added is "Paganism"

    - added unique units for all religions: Judaism (it is Jewish slinger), Christianity ( Crusader), Hinduism (- Kshatryy), Islam (- Mamluk), Buddhism (it is Shaolinian monk), Taosism (it is Udanian monk), Paganism (- Khorobr)

    - scenario for 31 civilizations (4000 years B.C.): (screenshots)

    Used materials from:
    (c) Poland mod by civ.org.pl, (c) AltReligions, (c) Ethnically Diverse Units MOD v3.0, (c) Australian mod, (c) Ukrainian mod and some units from civfanatics.com

    Thanks to civfanatics.ru, civ.org.pl, civfanatics.com and all players, modders and developers of CIV4 BTS!

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