[GLOBAL MOD] [WARLORDS] Modern world v.3.1.0 2016-10-05

[GLOBAL MOD] [WARLORDS] Modern world v.3.1.0

  1. PSYX
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    # Modern World MOD v.3.1.0 (include Medieval mod) (RUS and ENG version)
    # Civilization 4: Warlords © 2006 Firaxis Games
    # Created by - © PSYX
    # Russification added by © PSYX
    # Russification fixing by © Swan
    # SDK scripts by © Blacksun
    # Merging mods by © PSYX
    # Used materials from:
    ©Mega Mod by Galindus,
    ©Russian Translation Pack by CivFanatics.ru TEAM,
    ©Ukrainian Mod by xvector,
    ©PSYX MOD by PSYX,
    ©Polish Empire by civ.org.pl team,
    ©Europa Europa,
    ©Great Options Mod by TheLopez,
    ©CIV Gold,
    ©Blacksun mod by Blacksun,
    ©Medieval mod by PSYX

    Please, send me all your suggestions to:
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    Name of the mod: Modern World 3 (include Medieval mod)
    (The site of the mod: http://modern-world.civfanatics.ru)

    About mode:
    It is the global mod for Warlords.
    In the beginning, this mod was about modern times, but after first version of the mod, it became global. The Mod covers the times: Medieval, First World War, Second World War, Modern world. Each of described above times, has their own technologies and units.

    Theare are added:

    - 4 technologies

    - a types of the rules (NATO, EUROALLIANCE – was deleted)

    - new units (Read the file “Mod_units” in mod folder)

    - new religions: Catholicism, Orthodoxy (Fascism, Communism – was deleted)

    - a leaders: Yuschenko (Ukraine), Lukashenko (Belarus), Putin (Russia) and others

    - a 3 scenarios

    - all nations are replaced on modern, with modern flags

    The mod Author:

    The scenarios:

    The technology Author:

    The leaders Authors:

    The units Authors:

    The Python scripts Authors:

    The SDK scripts Authors:

    The Graphics in menu:

    The Music in menu:
    (C) Rus' Total War mod

    The adoptation of the mod for Warlords translation by civfanatics.ru:

    The Testers:

    The site of the mod:


    All images and texts were taken from open media sources.

    Thanks for all participant of the forum civfanatics.ru, civfanatics.com and civru.com

    Special thanks: Swan's for help, Nautil's for models, AndyTerry's for images with leaders, White Hawk's for ideas, TheLopez's and Blacksun's for Python-scripts, SeZerech's for models, Vpadlo's for installation project fixes, kodzi's for Poland mod, Andros's for the site of the mod and mod testing

    English forum:

    Modern world 3


    v.3.1.0 (10/11/2006) Full version
    - Addoptation for Warlords
    - Added Medieval mod
    - Mod adopted for Warlords patch 2.08
    - Added new SDK and Python scripts by Blacksun
    - Added new scenarios
    - 80 units
    - 46 civs
    - 4 technologies
    - Communism and fascism was deleted

    v.2.8.6 (13/07/2006) Full version
    - New Civ4 flag
    - Added new models
    - Added new music for religions
    - Added new SDK and Python scripts
    - Added UFO units
    - All buttons for the units are now uni.

    v.2.8.0 (7/04/2006) Full version
    - Added new models
    - Added states, models and leaders of WW2
    - Added new religions: catholic, orthodox, communism, fascism and their u. units

    v.2.1.0 (30/03/2006) Test version
    - Added new models
    - Added new civilizations (Australia, Canada, Belorus)
    - Added new leaders
    - Added map/scenario
    - Added cities names
    - Added new teches: WW1, WW2
    - And others

    v.1.3.0 (25/02/2006) Update (It is puts under the version 1.2.2)

    - Added cities names
    - All flags were changed
    - Changed names of some civics
    - Added Poland Mod ©Polish Empire v.0.82 by civ.org.pl team
    - Added two new models: MiG – 29 and N 2

    v.1.2.2 (18/02/2006) Full version
    - Added Zaporozhzhian Cossack
    - Added Donian Cassack
    - Added 3 tehcs: European Union, NATO, UFO

    v.0.5.2 (16/02/2006) Test version
    - Added (c)Mega Mod v.1.1 by Galindus
    - Deleted Movies from (c)Mega Mod v.1.1 by Galindus
    - Russification by PSYX of (c)Mega Mod v.1.1 by Galindus
    - Russification by PSYX of (c)Ukrainian Mod v.0.3 by xvector

    v.0.1.2 (10/02/2006) Test version
    - Added Tank Bulat for a testing

    v.0.0.2 (30/01/2006)
    - Added European Union for a testing
    - Added (c)Russification v.1.52 by civfanatics.ru
    - Added (c)Ukrainian Mod v.0.3 by xvector
    - Added small russification for European Union

    ------------------------------------------ - - - -


    - Extract the zip file into <C:\Program Files\Firaxis Games\Sid Meier's Civilization 4\Warlords\Mods>
    - Delete the cache file from C:\Documents and Settings\COMPUTER_USER_NAME\Application Data\My Games\Sid Meier's Civilization 4\cache
    - Run the game from ADVANCED > LOAD A MOD > Modern World 3
    - Overwriting existing game files does not delete or corrupt original files.

    ------------------------------------------ - - - -

    Please enjoy this version while the mod is still being improved;
    and please contact me with feedback and your suggestions at:
    psyx@email.ua or psyx@civfanatics.ru