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C3X Release 10B

EXE mod featuring stack bombard, bug fixes, and more

  1. Release 10B

    Fixes a crash caused by the patch for the phantom resource bug
  2. Release 10

    New in this version:
    - Scenario-specific mod configurations
    - Mod info button
    - Better logic for grouping units on right click menu
    - Option to let units move after airdropping
    - Fix phantom resource bug
    - Fix air units losing a turn after being set to intercept
    - L key loads unit over activating AI city loc highlighter
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  3. Release 9

    New in this version:
    - Perfume can be applied to multiple improvements or unit types
    - Corruption can be completely removed with "OFF" government setting
    - Press P in city screen to see AI point value for each available build
    - Press L on map to see how desirable the AI finds each tile as a city location
    - AI naval invasion forces can include artillery (with offensive artillery AI enabled)
    - Option to disable worker automation
    - Disallow land settlers from founding on water
    - Warn in case...
  4. Release 8

    New in this version:
    - Stack fortify, upgrade, and disband
    - AI routine for "pop units" that may appear in mods
    - Group units on right click menu
    - Show coordinates and chopped status in tile info box
    - Show golden age turns remaining
    - Trespassing prevention (experimental)
    - Land/sea intersections
    - Adjustable anarchy length
    - "Perfume" an improvement to make it more appealing to the AI
    - No special king unit names in non-regicide games
    - Stack worker commands apply across unit types
  5. Release 7

    New in this version:
    - Buttons on trade screen to quickly switch between civs
    - Ask/offer gold popup autofills best amount
    - Adjustable minimum city distance
  6. Release 6

    Changes in this version:
    - Add option to increase AI artillery and bomber production
    - Allow AI to grab artillery escorts from city defenders so its arty can be used in the field
    - Improve leader unit AI: fix bug allowing rush of any city build, prefer forming armies, select better rush targets
    - Improve AI army inclusion criteria: exclude HN & defensive units, fix movement check
    - Fix for immobile unit disembark crash
    - Fix for for houseboat bug
    - Set LAA bit when creating modded EXE
  7. Release 5

    New in this version:
    - Stack worker commands
    - Skip repeated popups asking to replace a tile improvement
    - Enable free improvements from small wonders
    - Disorder warning recomputes city happiness before running its check
    - Stack bombard won't interrupt interception or auto bombard missions
    - Mod loads its labels from a file, for translatability
    - Renamed script.txt to avoid confusion with base game files
  8. Release 4B

    This is a small update that fixes a problem with the city production details that I'm concerned might cause crashes.
  9. Release 4

    - Detailed city production info
    - Option to limit railroad movement
    - Removed unit limit
    - Altered scripts so they work when run as administrator.
    - Bypassed era number check (not yet a real implementation of no era limit)
    - Warning message instead of crash if config file is not found
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