Caveman mod launcher 2016-10-05

Caveman mod launcher

  1. killmeplease
    This is very simple program. Its only purpose is to select what mod to load.
    How to use it:
    1. run it
    2. select game you want to play (if not already selected) - vanilla Civ4, Warlords or BTS
    3. find the mod you want to play and double-click on its name.

    only thing you need for this program to run is .Net Framework 2.0 installed. It is already on your machine if you are using Windows XP SP3 or Windows7. I'm not certain about Vista.

    i made this program for myself and put it here as i think it could be useful for others. I have Civ4 Complete Edition i do not certain it will work with regular editions of the game as well. Please let me know if it works or not.

    Discussion thread is here.


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