Defender Withdrawal 2.0 2016-10-05

Defender Withdrawal 2.0

  1. killmeplease
    In this mod, units with withdrawal ability can escape combat wile defending. If defender withdraws, the battle with a next defender starts. Defender can not withdraw at battle round 1 and it can not withdraw if attacker is a missile (or any other suicide unit) as well.

    some screenshots to show how it works:
    Spoiler :

    spearman attacks charriot and warrior

    Version 2.0 additions:
    • There is a limit on number of combats with defenders occuring when a unit attacks an enemy stack now: no more than 3.
    • If there is only one defender, and it is about to die, it will try to escape from battle plot in the direction opposed to attacker (3 or less plots available to do this). If there are no free plots to withdraw to, it will be killed. also in this case defender has to have more base moves than attacker.
      Spoiler :

      spearman attacks:

      horse archer flees the battle:

    In source code modded lines are marked with @mod DWM signature. search for it and copy those blocks, or use the files as they are to compile the game core dll if your mod does not do anything with cvUnit.cpp/h.

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