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Celtic Italy 2016-10-05

"The blades are sharpened, war colors are blended, our appearance is hidden in order to please the gods' will. Tomorrow, we'll put on our amours. Because there's a day in a man's life, a day that allows him to choose his destiny. It can be both the day of his death or the day of his victory... in both cases, anyway, he will be free !!!"
- from the novel " Axu of the Trigabuli", 3ntini Editore, Italy

"Insubrians were considered by Romans an indigenous population, and Cenomani were still regarded as allies even after their revolts... but Boii and Senoni were simply destroyed and wiped out from the Cispadanian planes."
- Venceslav Kruta, "The Celts in Italy", Mondadori Editore, Italy

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