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Civ 4 like resource labels 2016-10-05

Civ 4 like resource labels

  1. joelwest
    I took a \Art\resources.pcx file with many extra icons in it (91 total) and added a small white bubble with black letters inside it for 43 of the icons. a similar "blips" version of resources.pcx has already been posted, but this had text ballons only for strategic resources (with smiley faces for luxury resources). with this replacement resources.pcx ALL of your common resource icons can be clearly labeled on your map. to get the correct icon to show up you MUST assign the correct icon in your biq using the Civ 3 editor

    created using Irfanview and hence I had to re-import the correct color palette before the image would work (not give a purple blotch)

    created to go along with my terrain compilation (see link in my sig), a modified tnt.pcx file (terrain overlay only created for terrain type grasslands with outcroppings), and the Test IV time mod (see link in my sig)

    anyone interested in me adding smiley faces to indicate the luxury goods?



    1. resources_91_types_for_t4t_civ_4_S61.jpg