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Civ VI Rock Bands

A guide to rock bands

  1. Victoria
    Rock Bands
    • Rock bands are primarily used for speeding up a cultural victory but do have other more general uses.
    • You gain the ability to purchase rock bands which you discover the Cold War civic.
    • You purchase a rock band for 600 faith + 100 faith for each previous rock band purchased. Theocracy gives a 15% discount to both the purchase and escalation cost.
    • You need to name the rock band before you use it which can be done at any time before use.
    • You cannot move or promote a rock band the turn purchased.
    • A rock band can only play concerts at other Major Civilizations venues as specified in the Venue section below.
    • Rock bands have no ZOC, 4 movement points and a 2 tile sight range and are considered civilians.
    How to use a Rock Band and Concert Effects
    After naming and promoting a rock band you move it to a venue in another civ it can play at and you click on the units guitar button to activate the concert. A graphic plays which you may close when you wish and the result of the concert will then be shown as a number of stars. The following table shows the effects of the concert.

    Probability of Success
    The following probabilities has been tested and are based on a 3d6 random generation.

    The advertised tool tip chances of success are.
    Level 1 = 50% chance of failure
    Level 2 = 37% chance of failure
    Level 3 = 26% chance of failure
    Level 4 = 16% chance of failure
    Level 5 = 9% chance of failure
    Level 6 = 4% chance of failure

    Tourism Value
    The amount of tourism created by a rock band is based on the venue it plays, the album sales the band has had in the past, the level of the band and a random factor for how well the band plays on the day. This can be specified as the formula

    Tourism Produced = Venue Tourism + (Venue tourism * (tourist Bomb Value/100)) + (Venue Tourism * (Album Sales/100))

    You can only perform a rock concert at certain venues and different venues give you a different Venue tourism value as follows. Note these are not districts but specific buildings.

    1000 - World Wonder
    750 - Stadium, Broadcast Center, Film Studio, Aquatics Center
    500 - University, Madrasa, Shipyard
    250 - Arena, Ferris Wheel, Amphitheater, Marae, Tlachtli

    Album Sales
    Album sales are guaranteed additional tourism bonus which is added to the outcome of future concerts as it is cumulative. For example, a band that has 350 album sales plays at a wonder. Regardless of the outcome of the concert the band will gain and additional 3500 tourism (1000 * 3.5) which is quite significant.

    • A rock band can have a maximum of 4 promotions (and 4 levels)
    • When a Rock Band is created it is given a free promotion. The system randomly chooses 3 promotions from the 12 available for you to choose between
    • You do not have to promote a rock band to use it, it will function at the right level but it will only retain 1 possible promotion, you cannot store them up.
    • The Hallyu (Cultural Hegemony) civic card allows you to choose which promotion a rock band has from all 12.
    • A rock band created before the Hallyu civic card is in play also gets a free choice if not already promoted

    Album Cover Art -Performs as if 2 levels more experienced on wonder tiles. - one of the best promotions.
    Arena Rock - Performs as if 2 levels more experienced on Entertainment Complex district tiles.
    Glam Rock - Performs as if 2 levels more experienced on Theater Square district tiles.
    Goes to 11 - Civilizations within 10 tiles receive 50% of the Tourism6 Tourism from this concert.
    Indie - Performing a concert causes that city to lose 50 Loyalty. too OP.
    Music Festival - Performs at National Parks for expected 1000 Tourism and 1 level more experienced.
    Pop Star - Earn Gold equal to 50% of the Tourism generated.
    Reggae Rock - Performs as if 2 levels more experienced on Water Park district tiles.
    Religious Rock - Performs a concert that converts the majority religion of that city to the religion founded by the player.
    Roadies - +4 Movement.
    Space Rock - Performs at Spaceports for expected 1000 Tourism and 1 level more experienced.
    Surf Band - Performs at Seaside Resorts for expected 500 Tourism and 1 level more experienced.

    Stopping opposition rock bands
    • The Music Censorship civic stops rock bands entering your territory but any cities with more than 10 pop gain -1 amenity.
    • Placing a friendly unit of any type except religious, on a target tile stops the rock band using it for a concert.
    • When an enemy (at war) moves onto their tile, the rock band is sent back to the nearest friendly city.
    • Rock bands are destroyed by nukes.
    If I promote 3 rock bands on the same turn, do they get the same promotions?

    No, fully tested. Because there are only 12 choices they can feel similar or be the same 3 but this is random.

    The oppositions foreign tourism is not going down when I use rock bands, why?
    Because as well as the standard culture per turn, they also get large bursts of culture for inspirations (often multiple in 1 turn) or pillaging. In certain situations, like the moon landing they can suddenly get 50 domestic tourists. Try and win a CV before the opposition gets to land on the moon.

    What is better, to always play in wonders or to play where +2 promotions give more chance of survival?
    Both have their benefits. Playing wonders gives you 4x the tourism for roughly 4x less chance of surviving. If you are close to winning a CV then playing wonders will give you the tourism faster which is important but if further away or you want OP rock bands then playing the +2 venues gives a better chance.

    What is the best way to use rock bands for a CV?
    Play concerts at the civ with the highest domestic tourists is normally the best way as this reduces their domestic tourism and therefore makes it a lot faster for you to win. It is roughly 4x as strong as playing at another civ. Be aware each turn that another civ’s domestic tourism may become higher.

    Can you win a CV just with Rock Bands?
    Yes, you need to store up a lot of faith and push your culture to the Cold War civic as fast as possible to do this. The Maori is a good civ for this approach amongst others.

    Should I be worried about Rock Bands in my territory?
    Regarding a culture victory, no. As long as your culture is high enough (which is should be) then they are no real threat, rock bands do not slow your CV, just speed up theirs. Regarding the Pop star promotion I do not know, it may be you lose gold which could break your country but it seems not to. If you care about your religion then religious rock bands can be annoying but you would need a lot of them to keep your cities converted, normally the pressure from other cities flips them back fast enough. Indie bands are the big problem, 2 indie concerts will flip any city and with the Hallyu card in play your entire civ could be flipped in one turn.

    Hello Cleveland
    – perform a concert in Cleveland
    One Tree Hill – perform a concert next to a marae
    Rock God – Have no foreign cities following your religion and then convert one with a rock band.

    Source thread
    The source thread this guide comes from is https://forums.civfanatics.com/threads/ok-so-what-do-rock-bands-actually-do.642572/ which covers a lot of the discovery process and inner workings.

    Specific thanks to @DanQuayle @ggmoyang @Karmah and @Wandering_Dandelion
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    Excellent resource. It takes all of the guesswork out of using Rock Bands.