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Civ5 Enhanced User Interface v1.29a

Civ5 Enhanced User Interface

  1. Licinius
    Version: v1.29a
    I don't know what bc1 did with the newest update, but for the first time I played Civ5 on Linux without experiencing any crash, That has never happened before, with or without EUI. Update 1.29a makes Civ5 playable on Linux, at least for me.
    1. bc1
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the info! Glad the iterative efforts paid off at last!
  2. coldbrew617
    Version: v1.29beta50
    Love it, thanks for all the work you have put into it!
  3. nitrokev
    Version: v1.29beta48
    A must-have for Civ V, keeps getting better.
  4. Asterix Rage
    Asterix Rage
    Version: v1.29beta45
    On the Vox Populi planet, EUI is a VIM - Very Important Mod.
    With sport cars, jets and many castels every where.
  5. Jeb_CC
    Version: v1.29beta44
    Looks awesome but the newest version v1.29beta44 is not compatible with the general quality of life modpack anymore: https://www.reddit.com/r/civ/comments/338v5k/bnw_quality_of_life_modpack_v5/
    Units are not able to be moved at all. Neither through clicking nor selecting M to move.
    I trialled it down to an incompatibility between the two InGame.lua files between the modpack and this DLC but I don't know enough about lua to fix it myself. However version v1.28 works fine.
  6. Dave The Red
    Dave The Red
    Version: v1.29beta44
    This is a great mod, much better than the vanilla UI in my opinion.
  7. Gabriel Cabral Bezerra
    Gabriel Cabral Bezerra
    Version: v1.29beta44
    Oh boy, thanks a lot for your work! It really helps increase the game experience by so much! The other guy's comment is on point, this IS a must-have! Again, thank you for your work.
  8. nitrokev
    Version: v1.29beta43a
    A must have, better than ever
  9. CyberPhy
    Version: v1.29beta42
    Im so glad there are people that still love Civ V

    Thank's for the amazing mod
  10. Krio
    Version: v1.29beta38
    A must have mod. Consistent updates and bug fixes. Immense improvement upon the user interface.
  11. domeplsffs
    Version: v1.29beta19
    Nice to see, that this is still worked on. Thank you for your effort! <3
  12. albucc
    Version: v1.29beta16
    I can rename any unit... I can see the religion that a missionary is spreading... I can see resources of interest during diplomatic conversations... In short... Awesome! Thanks for this.

    Note: this goes without saying, but I think that the interface is daunting if you haven't ever played civ5 before. So I recommend it only for more experienced players....