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  1. L

    Interface Improvement Suggestions

    Firstly - thanks to all contributors to this and its predecessor mods. I've been enjoying them for years and your work is awesome - thank you! My post here are some suggestions that, having had a look around the forum, I haven't seen these things posted elsewhere so hoping this isn't a repeat...
  2. Infixo

    Better FrontEnd (UI) 1.0

    FrontEnd enhancements and tweaks. Description Main Menu - Additional content options available directly from the main menu. - Submenu icons. Load Game - Search feature that works on file names and basic game info - era name, map size, civilization and leader name, etc. - Tooltips over file...
  3. W

    Idea: City banners always show trading post status

    Like how they already do when you have a trader selected.
  4. Infixo

    Better World Tracker Unit List (UI) 1.0

    Improved World Tracker Unit List. Adds more info about units and new features. The list is accessible via 1-click and closes automatically after selecting a unit with the Left click. Right click just moves the focus to the unit and the window stays open. There is a separate list for civilian and...
  5. NerdByFate

    My2K, No Way! v1

    A mod that disables My2K functionality within the game. Oh yeah, it also stops that pesky TOS popup from appearing every time you start the game. After installing this mod, the My2K button at the bottom right of the main menu will remain, but it will be grayed out: If you would like to remove...
  6. S

    Font color on unurchaseable items

    Is there a mod to change the font color on items that cannot be afforded to be purchased with gold or faith? Being color blind it's impossible for me to see the cost, which is important information. Alternatively, if there's no existing mod, is there a way to change it?
  7. M

    What are these circle icons called and how can I disable them?

    I am trying to find a way to suppress the UI from showing these little popup circle map pins but have not had any luck. Does any one know a way (either through game options, INI file settings, or even a MOD) to stop these little popup pins from showing (please see attached picture). I am happy...
  8. Infixo

    Better City States (UI) 1.2

    New version 1.2 as of 14.06 - Grouping by types. Enhanced City States screen. This mod integrates and improves the screen from the Concise UI (which I've always considered to be the best improvement of the CS window), some functionality from CQUI and adds my own improvements (spies...
  9. Zegangani

    [GS] (UI) Buying/Selling StrategicResources

    I've edited Windfly's Mod (UI) Strategy Resources to Production so you can buy resourses with Gold instead of selling resources for production. I got it to work, problem is that i've made it so that you can't buy resources untill you have a certain amount of money in the treasury, so you really...
  10. Infixo

    Better Religion Window (UI) 1.2

    New version 1.2 as of 9.08 - Total followers, Korean and Polish localization. Enhanced Religion Window. Helps managing religious campaigns. Works with the base game, Rise & Fall, Gathering Storm, CQUI. Supported languages: English, 한국어/조선말 (Korean), polski (Polish). Description This mod...
  11. Infixo

    Better World Rankings (UI) 1.3

    New version 1.3 as of 8.06 - Cultural dominance. More information in the World Rankings screen. Works with the base game, Rise & Fall, Gathering Storm, CQUI. Not compatible with: scenarios (they usually modify this screen). Supported languages: English. GitHub Description This mod enhances...
  12. Infixo

    Real Governor Inspector (UI) 1.3.1

    New version 1.3 as of 27.02 - compatibility with Real Era Stop mod. Helps managing Governors. Requires Gathering Storm. Supported languages: English, 한국어/조선말 (Korean). Description Opens a window with a list of cities and information about gains provided by a governor when placed in the city...
  13. Infixo

    Better Climate Screen (UI) 1.3.1

    New version 1.3 as of 5.01 - Carbon Recaptured info added. More information about CO2 footprint. Description The game tracks separately CO2 footprint and usage of resources. - The table with civs shows only CO2 footprint, the 2nd number is change in the last turn. - Civs are sorted by emission...
  14. paisvalencia

    Would someone take a look at my code?

    So I've been working on this mod project for Aragon. The gameplay is up and running, but the UI still doesn't appear no matter what I do. I've been playing around with it for several months now and I'm very much frustrated. If someone could take a look at my code and tell me what I'm doing...
  15. civplayer33

    Community poll: adding a more easily visible Tribute breakdown to City Banners

    Since I'm currently playing a game with Autocracy and wanted to check the current state of the Autocracy diplomatic game specifically, among other things, I've noticed a great annoyance: tributing City States requires having a certain amount of units within a certain range, among many other...
  16. Ownsya

    QOL Mods (aka UI)

    I've been slowly trying out mods and incorporating into my game the ones I like. A few of them I found to be so useful that they made me think "how did I ever even play without these mods?" So I thought I'd start a thread to share the mods that you found to be so useful that you'd really hate to...
  17. TyrannusRex

    More Built-In Modding Tools

    I love that World Builder is getting some official attention and actively being implemented into the game. Civ players have waited a long time to be able to craft their own maps---but that got me thinking. What if an aspiring Civ modder could create an entire mod without ever leaving Civ 6? Now...
  18. bostonbongrips

    Help! My UI mods get disabled when loading a save

    Hello Civ Modding community... I have been playing Civ games with the same 70ish mods enabled for the last 1-2 months with no issues. About 1 week ago, when loading a saved game, all of the UI mods I use were no longer enabled. When scrolling through the list of mods on the saved game, the UI...
  19. Gueux

    My Added User Interfaces go in front of all other UI

    I want it to go behind any other UI I guess it's easy to do, well I hope so Can't explain more some images : Any help is welcome
  20. Infixo

    Better Civilopedia (UI) 2.2

    New version 2.1 as of 30.06 - Support for Pedialite. Works with the base game, Rise & Fall and Gathering Storm. Supports all languages. Description - Bigger window, adjusts to the screen size (including 1024x768). - Table of Units with key statistics. - Overview of Historic Moments. -...
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