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Civ5 Enhanced User Interface v1.29i

Enhanced User Interface
Civilization V
Brave New World, Gods & Kings, or vanilla​

UI changes require fewer clicks, display more icons, and show more mouse over tooltips. Information is organized more efficiently, using game XML data (taking into account any update by mods) rather than hardcoded blurbs.

No changes to gameplay, no effect on saved game load, no effect on game saves, can earn achievements, works in multiplayer, and provides no additional information to the player that is not already available somewhere (except when using the extended demographics panel).

Video by Marbozir
Spoiler :

Over 100 features
Speed up your game and focus on game play​
Spoiler :

  • FrontEnd: no more legal screen nuisances at game launch
  • FrontEnd: supports unlimited UU/UB/UI, for mods such as 3rd Unique Component Project
  • FrontEnd: can right click on stuff to access pedia pre-game
  • FrontEnd: when setting up a game, there are mouse over tooltips for unique civilization units and buildings, when you need them most
  • FrontEnd: the MODS menu allows Hot Seat mode with MODS! Some mods with CUSTOM load screens do not work (e.g. Earth 2014), some do (e.g. Advanced Earth and Barbarians Evolved)
  • FrontEnd: modded hotseat also works with scenario maps, but remember to select the scenario map in the drop down menu (I have not found a reliable way to automate that)
  • FrontEnd: the MODS menu allows direct access to modded Civilopedia, to learn about the mod before playing it
  • FrontEnd: the MODS menu directly launches scenario with custom load screens when only one exists, saving 2 more clicks
  • FrontEnd: the SCENARIO menu includes user-created content with custom load screens (in addition to Firaxis')
  • FrontEnd: easier main menu navigation (LOAD GAME reduced from 2 to 1 step, MOD launch reduced from 6 to 3 steps); some MODS still need to be activated via MODS menu when loading modded games
  • FrontEnd: load menu allows to select game type (single player, hot seat, multiplayer), shows game data on mouse over, and launch game with a single click
  • FrontEnd: StagingRoom no longer loads and hogs resources during single player games
  • Core: full game info database dynamic caching for speed: over 50 times faster than GameInfo, and to improve useability on low end PCs
  • Core: greatly expanded in-game mouse over tooltips for units and buildings, active Pantheon/Religion beliefs & effects, all based on game XML data, reflecting changes made by mods
  • Core: popup dispatcher for improved performance
  • Core: cache EUI settings (avoids noticeable lag when leaving the game)
  • ActionInfoPanel: diplo corner artwork by Zyxpsilon
  • ActionInfoPanel: if enabled in game menu - options - interface options:
    • A vertical ribbon shows known civilizations and city states with mouse over tooltips, right click and left click actions
      • Civilizations are sorted by score. Their icon frame color shows the way they feel about you: friendly, neutral, guarded, denouncing, hostile. Small icons around the leader portrait indicate war:c5war:, friendship (flower), open borders < >, research agreement:c5science:, defense pact:c5strength:, and active player:c5capital:. To the right are their score and either total gold or gold per turn, depending on what you can trade with them. Icons shows available duplicate luxury resources they are willing to trade (theirs above & yours below), so you don't have to visit each leader to see if they have anything for trade (mouse over tooltips provides more details)
      • City states are sorted by influence, then by distance to capital. Each icon shows city state type and status relative to you: allied, friends, afraid, angry, neutral. Mouse over the icons shows detailed tooltips. To the right are ally flag and icons for quests in progress. Clicking on quest icons will jump to encampment if relevant. There are also mouse over tooltips.
      • Civilization ribbon is available within leader screens
        • can get diplomatic info about everyone while talking to a leader using civilization ribbon mouse over tooltips
        • can switch talking from one leader to another directly from within the leader screen by clicking on civilization ribbon icon, or return to the game by clicking on either your own icon or the one of the currently displayed leader; this function is disabled when your turn is not active, i.e. during other civilization's turns
      • Civilization ribbon player connection indicator: yellow = connecting, green = connected, red = host, mouse over tooltip shows ping, click to kick player (host only)
      • Control-click action on civilization ribbon leader icon to declare war (BNW only)
    • Notifications are bundled by type: this means each notification icon may correspond to several notifications, and you need to left click to cycle through bundled notifications to see each one. Left click on a notification icon may also jump to the appropriate location on the map. Right click on a notification icon dismisses all of the notifications bundled with the icon. Shift right click dismisses notifications one by one.
  • ActionInfoPanel: display notifications for player's city population growth beyond 5 and for player's city border growth
  • ActionInfoPanel: when city acquires new tiles, resource is shown in border expansion notification
  • ActionInfoPanel: shrink size of the large top right buttons (culture, tourism, diplo, espionage...) they're pretty but waste space (thanks Zyxpsilon)
  • ActionInfoPanel: align the large turn blocking notifications horizontally to save space (they have no "finger" anyways)
  • ActionInfoPanel: open religion popup immediately when creating or enhancing a religion with a great prophet
  • ActionInfoPanel: added Zyxpsilon's excellent artwork for diplo corner
  • ActionInfoPanel: enter key goes to next end blocking task
  • ActionInfoPanel: the icon of players who are not yet done with their turn flashes in the civilization ribbon
  • InGame: if option is enabled or ALT key is pressed, show predictive unit firing range from where the unit will end up after moving (red highlight), when moving ranged units while pressing right click or in move mode
  • InGame: unit move range is displayed (blue highlight) as soon as unit is selected
  • InGame: highlight city working limits for city settlement planning when pressing "x" key or while moving a settler
  • InGame: if auto unit cycle and quick selection advance are both checked under interface options, unit cycling is now really fast
  • TopPanel: top panel bar no longer takes up the whole screen width (only on screens more than 1900 pixels wide)
  • TopPanel: top panel bar now shows meters and remaining turns for tech, policies, faith purchase, great person
  • TopPanel: more top panel mouse over tooltips, exisiting ones give more info, such as extra resources that player and AI has, AI gold per turn, so you don't have to visit each leader to see if they have anything for trade (this info is also on the right side civilization ribbon)
  • TopPanel: strategic resource mouse over tooltip details how resources are used, local production, imports, exports (the numbers don't always add up, but this is a game bug)
  • TopPanel: happiness mouse over tooltip details how luxuries are used local production, imports, exports
  • TopPanel: the tech meter mouse over tooltip shows tech overflow cues
  • TopPanel: right click civilopedia actions
  • TopPanel: displays clock time if option is selected in game menu - options - interface options
  • TopPanel: click on clock to set alarm time or change clock format (note alarm time entry is in 24H format regardless of clock format)
  • PlotHelp: map plot mouse over tooltip indicates basic unit stats: moves:c5moves:, strength:c5strength:, ranged strength:c5rangedstrength:range
  • PlotHelp: map plot mouse over tooltip indicates possible terrain improvements with their yields: :c5food: :c5production: :c5gold: :c5science: :c5culture: :c5faith: and whatever yields are added by mods, technology prerequisites, possible effect of constructing buildings, adopting a social policy / tenet, or a pantheon / religion belief (these are all based on game XML data and work with mods that change these data)
  • PlotHelp: map plot mouse over tooltip gives more details when checking off the "No Basic Tooltip Help" option
  • PlotHelp: map plot mouse over tooltip details filtered according to unit currently selected (or not)
  • PlotHelp: map plot mouse over tooltip extended details with longer mouse over (adjusted using the game menu - options - interface options - "Tooltip2Seconds" slider)
  • PlotHelp: display map plot tooltip only under mouse over, no more duplicate clutter in the right corner above the minimap
  • PlotHelp: when a settler is selected, plot mouse over shows potential city max work limits (dark outline) and highlight overlapping plots (colored)
  • TechTree: tech selection will always pop up the tech tree (there is no more tech panel)
  • TechTree: most tech bonus "star" icons are replaced by more explicit icons: e.g. trade route icon instead of star, requires less mouse over to find out what everything does
  • TechTree: when entering the tech tree, it automatically scrolls to (somewhat) appropriate location
  • TechTree: much faster loading, tooltips are evaluated only when required by mouse over
  • TechTree: if enabled in game menu - options - interface options, automatically closes after tech selection if accessed with tech selection notification icon
  • TechTree: XML support for mods with "OR" tech prerequistes
  • CityBanners: highlight cities at war with you
  • CityBanners: city banners have extra icons showing selected focus, requested luxury, love the king status, population growth lock
  • CityBanners: city banner growth meter turns red when city is starving, and shows turns to population decrease
  • CityBanners: mouse over city HP bar tooltip shows the exact numerical values
  • CityBanners: more city banner mouse over tooltips
  • CityBanners: help with micromanagement: show predicted overflow at build / growth completion, and how much is missing the turn just before
  • CityBanners: mouse over city banner highlights worked plots (green), unworked city plots (blue), city max work limits (dark), and plots targeted by culture (magenta)
  • CityBanners: city banner production button works for Venice puppets
  • CityBanners: puppet city banner click enters city view
  • CityBanners: city banner mouse over tooltip shows resources within city plots - red number means not hooked up, green number hooked up
  • CityBanners: city state banners show quest icons in place of cryptic meter, clicking on them will jump to encampment if relevant
  • CityBanners: city state banner mouse over tooltip shows influence and resources available or granted
  • CityBanners: when allied, replace the city state banner icon with the flag of the ally
  • CityBanners: hide range strike icon when no more ennemy units are in range following a kill
  • CityBanners: click on spy icon -> espionage overview, click on puppet icon -> annex popup
  • CityBanners: original capital tooltip, improved flag graphics
  • CityView: production button automatically opens city view
  • CityView: city screen features new production queue mechanisms:
    • items may be added directly to production queue: left click = end of queue, ctrl + left click = top of queue, shift + left click = replace entire queue, alt + left click = repeat production, right click = pedia
    • items may be purchased directly (e.g. great people), if the relevant purchase button (faith or gold) is displayed and not disabled (insufficient funds)
    • gold cost or faith cost of items is displayed if you have sufficient funds, otherwise missing funds are displayed
    • production queue items may be shuffled around by dragging to appropriate location (no more clunky arrows)
    • production queue may have more than 6 items (tooltip not updated), but the elevator is the only way to scroll the list (mouse scroll wheel does not work)
    • current production queue item can be cleared (but next turn will not be possible until another selection has been made)
    • city advisor production recommendation icons can be turned off in the game option menu
  • CityView: city screen shows remaining turns to great people creation
  • CityView: city view buttons disabling / enabling works correctly, even when switching cities while inside city view by clicking on other cities
  • CityView: city screen includes annex button for non-Venice puppets
  • CityView: city screen highlights worked plots (green), unworked plots (light blue) and plots used by your other cities (dark blue), purchasable plots (gold, only in buy plot mode)
  • CityView: fewer surprises with worker allocation changing automatically after leaving city screen
  • CityView: remove empty bottom bar and use wasted space
  • CityView: supports modded buildings with unlimited specialists & great works (mods only)
  • CityView: can edit any city name (including puppets) with a right click
  • CityView: much faster loading - tooltips are evaluated only when required by mouse over
  • CityView: automatically open city screen when founding city
  • CityView: buy plot mode can now be toggled (check coin in upper left corner)
  • CityView: if enabled in game menu - options - interface options, automatically closes after production selection if accessed with production selection notification icon
  • CityView: XML support for modded specialist slot textures (add texture name in <SlotTexture> field in your Specialists record)
  • CityView: add a production automation check button at the bottom left corner (hammer and cog)
  • CityStatePopup: when encountering city states for the first time, skip directly to the dialog screen (which allows interactions)
  • CityStatePopup: merge in City States Leaders by mihaifx (2010) and Nutty (2012)
  • LeaderHead: diplomacy requires fewer clicks
  • LeaderHead: trade screen shows missing gold for research agreement, if any (mouse over tooltip)
  • MiniMap: UI is compatible with custom minimap sizes (can be changed in config.ini / [MiniMap] Width & Height )
  • UnitFlagManager: unit flag tooltip shows promotion details after extended mouse over tooltip delay set in the interface option panel
  • UnitFlagManager: display a movement pip on the map unit flags when a unit has partially used its moves or attacks
  • UnitFlagManager: display some of the unit's promotions to the left of its flag (this feature can be disabled); only the most relevant promotions are displayed to prevent clutter, and only for your units and the enemies's you are at war with
  • UnitPanel: shows remaining unit movement with decimals
  • UnitPanel: all available unit commands are shown (no more "show more actions")
  • UnitPanel: can edit unit name at any time with a right click
  • UnitPanel: player unit list with status icons and mouse over tooltips (can be disabled in game menu - options - interface options)
    • Units are sorted by type
    • Units show promotions from UnitFlagManager
    • Right click to center map on unit, left click to select unit
    • Choose which unit types to include in the list: click on the >>> button to access the unit types selection panel; your choices are saved from one session to the next
  • UnitPanel: player city list with status icons and mouse over tooltips (can be disabled in game menu - options - interface options)
    • Right click to center map on city, left click to enter city screen
  • UnitFlagManager: more efficient unit flag manager (should improve late game performance)
  • UnitFlagManager: highlight units at war with you
  • UnitFlagManager: more convenient aircraft management
  • UnitFlagManager: expanded unit tooltip with all promotion icons
  • UnitFlagManager: native support for several units per tile
  • UnitFlagManager: native support for airbases
  • YieldIconManager: more efficient code, with accurate display of quantities , and compatibility with "DLL - Various Mod Components" and CP (their YieldIconManager must be deleted)
  • YieldIconManager: display of resources, natural wonders, and tile improvements along with the yields
  • YieldIconManager: map display can be extensively customized in map option menu (next to minimap)
  • YieldIconManager: left click on item to toggle display with yields on/off
  • YieldIconManager: right click on item to cycle though plot containing corresponding feature, natural wonder, improvement or resource
  • Options: add the plot help extended mouse over tooltip delay slider in the interface option panel (Tooltip2Seconds)
  • Options: add the "no city screen citizen warning option" which allows the city screen citizen management header to be open by default (strange name :crazyeye: )
  • Options: add a clock on / off check box (for display on top panel)
  • Options: add a checkbox to disable city view advisor production recommendation icons
  • Options: add a city list and unit list on / off check boxes (for display on left side of screen)
  • Options: add a civilization diplomacy list on / off check boxes (for display on right side of screen)
  • Options: add an option to automatically close city screen (resp. tech tree) after production (resp. tech) selection if accessed via notification icon
  • Options: shuffled options around between game menu - options - game options and game menu - options - interface options to make room and more sense
  • Options: enable / disable for City States Leaders, unit flag promotions, predictive firing range
  • Improvements: show available tenets during mouse over, even if not selectable yet
  • Improvements: show unit name during delete confirmation
  • Improvements: fix Firaxis diplomacy bug with spinning globe mouse cursor
  • Improvements: submarines are a bit more invisible than before (no more red blob in move mode)
  • Improvements: re-coded CivilopediaScreen is much more efficient, compatible with mods pre-game, and provides more data
  • Demographics: new module to provide detailed history graphs and replay map in-game (works with existing game saves, does not touch future game saves, unlike Robb's InfoAddict mod). This is a departure from EUI's philosophy to remain within the information bounds of what the base UI provides. Unlike the end game graphs and replay map, you can only see information concerning civilizations you have met and map plots you have seen, but that's still loads of extra info compared to the base game. So if you do not want this extra info, simply delete this folder (or simply don't click the new demographics dropdown menu).
  • Demographics: when using autoplay (with a mod such as Rhye's Catapult), the history graphs will automatically update as turns go by. While in game as an observer, you have access to all player's graphs.
  • City state status color now only blue when actually allied
  • More city state status info for vanilla game
    and more...

Instructions How to video by PrimEvalCIV
Requires manual install in the game's DLC folder​
Spoiler :

  1. make sure your game is up to date at version : EUI is incompatible with game versions older than (such as
  2. exit the game (make sure Civ V is NOT running)
  3. download EUI
  4. open the game's DLC folder:
    • on a PC usually it's ...\Steam\SteamApps\common\sid meier's civilization v\assets\DLC (replace ... by whatever drive and/or directory where Steam is installed)
    • on a MAC (thanks AlanH), the DLC folder is inside the Civ5 application package, which is EITHER:
      • in case of MAC Steam installation: /Users/<user_name>/Library/Application Support/Steam/SteamApps/common/Sid Meier's Civilization V/Civilization
      • in case of MAC AppStore installation: /Applications/Civilization V Campaign
      This path seems to be hidden by default in 10.10, to reveal it you'll have to open a finder Window, reveal the "Go" Menu and press the "Alt" Button on your keyboard. An item "Library" will appear, containing the path described.
      Then right click the app icon and select Show package contents, then access the DLC folder inside EITHER:
      • Civilization
      • Civilization
    • with Linux: ~/.steam/steam/steamapps/common/Sid Meier's Civilization V/steamassets/assets/dlc
  5. remove any previous version of EUI (delete the entire UI_bc1 folder if one already exists, don't just overwrite)
  6. extract from the downloaded zip and:
    • copy the UI_bc1 folder to the game's DLC folder (step 4). There can only be one such UI_bc1 folder in the entire ...\Steam\SteamApps\common\sid meier's civilization v\ folder tree, and it MUST be in the correct location: ...\Steam\SteamApps\common\sid meier's civilization v\assets\DLC
    • copy the EUI_text_*.xml file(s) to the following folder:
      • PC: <user path>\Documents\My Games\Sid Meier's Civilization 5\Text
      • Mac OS X: ~/Documents/Aspyr/Sid Meier's Civilization 5/Text
      • Linux: ~/.local/share/Aspyr/Sid Meier's Civilization 5/Text
      (download updated translations)
    • delete the game cache, i.e. delete everything inside:
      • PC: <user path>\Documents\My Games\Sid Meier's Civilization 5\Cache
      • Mac OS X: ~/Documents/Aspyr/Sid Meier's Civilization 5/Cache
      • Linux: ~/.local/share/Aspyr/Sid Meier's Civilization 5/Cache
  7. ONLY if your OS is Linux, you need to force conversion of every filename to lowercase, for example using the unzip command with -LL argument: 'unzip -LL'
  8. EUI is modular: if there are things you don't like or need or which conflict with mods you want to use (check the "mods compatibility" spoiler below), you can disable that part by removing the corresponding subfolder from the UI_bc1 folder. Check the feature list above to determine which module includes which feature to be disabled. Please note that EUI will break if its Art* or Core folder are removed.
  9. in game menu - options - interface options - check whether you want a clock displayed on the top panel, a city list and/or a unit list displayed on the left screen side, a civilization diplomacy list on the right screen side
  10. in game menu - options - interface options - set the desired delays (or no delay) for the map plot mouse over help / tooltips to appear using the big horizontal sliders (there are now 2 delays - basic and detailed plot help)
  11. in game menu - options - interface options - check if the "No Basic Tooltip Help" option matches the level of mouse over info desired (this has more effects than before)
  12. silent install: althought this is a DLC, it will not appear in the game's DLC menu, because it does not have a Firaxis Key. This package is a DLC because I could not get things to work as I wanted as a mod (legal screens, map highlights), and it works in multiplayer and you can still earn achievements... The main drawback is that EUI's folder needs to be moved manually in/out of the game's DLC folder to enable/disable

Game compatibility
Compatible with game version​
Spoiler :

  • EUI is incompatible with game versions older than (such as
  • No effect on saved game load
  • No effect on game saves
  • Can still earn achievements
  • Works with Brave New World
  • Works in multiplayer (any number of players can have or not have)
  • Should work with Gods and Kings and Vanilla, but there may be a few odd kinks
  • Works on Windows 7 and 10, Linux, and MAC (there are install procedure differences)
  • Compatibility with tablet / touchscreen : unknown, expect problems
  • Conquest of the New World Deluxe scenario: when using EUI, remove DiploList.lua and TopPanel.lua from ...\Steam\SteamApps\common\sid meier's civilization v\assets\DLC\DLC_07\Scenarios\Conquest of the New World Deluxe\UI
  • Localization: EUI relies almost entirely on Civ5 built-in text, using your selected language. Text for unit & building tags which have no game built-in text, are provided in the EUI_text_*.xml file(s). Most of the descriptions have been automatically generated, and would need to be manually improved and then translated. Your help would be welcome.

Mods compatibility
Should work fine with mods which modify the gameplay without changes to the game's UI (User Interface)​
Spoiler :
Should work fine with mods which modify the gameplay without changes to the game's UI (User Interface), such as the excellent Acken's Minimalistic Balance for singleplayer (and AI improvements) v8. NOT compatible with other mods which modify the UI such as Community Patch Project, bnw quality of life modpack v5, Info Addict v22, NQMOD or Takmod...
EUI is modular: in case of incompatibility, try disabling conflicting EUI component by removing the corresponding subfolder from EUI's UI_bc1 folder (please note that EUI will break if its Art* or Core folder are removed).
  • Acken's Minimalistic Balance for singleplayer (and AI improvements) v8: compatible (and highly recommended) Manually delete the Imported/UI mod folder to avoid overriding EUI's improved yield icon manager[tested with EUI v29a]
  • Earth 2014 Scenario v2.4: compatible provided you manually delete the mod's "CityBannerManager.lua" file from its Lua folder (the only effect of this file is to break compatibility with EUI) [tested with EUI v29a]
  • R.E.D. modpack v27 (Regiment and Ethnic Diversity for Civilization V): should be compatible
  • Community Patch Project: NOT compatible, use the modded EUI provided by the mod
  • bnw quality of life modpack v5: only the old legacy EUI version is compatible
  • R.E.D. Xtended 2016-10-05: should be compatible, provided that the mod's "override" folder (and all of its contents) is removed
  • Communitas Expansion Pack: EUI 1.6 & CEP 3.15 are compatible. However CEP will override EUI's top panel, tech tree, and city view modules (see EUI feature list for details of lost functionality, one impact is that annexing puppets is only possible by clicking on the city banner's puppet icon, another is possible slowdowns late game because CEP UI files are modified Firaxis files not optimized to cope with EUI's enhanced tooltips)
  • Hulfgars Modpack (all versions): should be compatible, provided that the mod's included "AttilaResourcesTooltip" (entire folder) and "TechTree.lua" (one file) are removed
  • Australia Civilization - Colonialist Legacies: need to remove the UnitPanel.lua file from the mod
  • CIVILIZATION NiGHTS v5: a bit old, includes bugs that Firaxis has since corrected
    • you need to disable EUI's TechTree module
    • remove the mod's CityBannerManager.lua from its LUA folder and CityBannerManager.xml from its UI folder: EUI's is more advanced and up to date
    • remove the mod's TopPanel.lua from its LUA folder and TopPanel.xml from its UI folder: EUI's is more advanced and up to date
    • remove the mod's InfoTooltipInclude.lua from its LUA folder: EUI's is more advanced and up to date
    • remove the mod's UnitFlagManager.lua, TradeLogic.lua, TechButtonInclude.lua from their LUA folder - they're not up to date and their changes are not very significant
  • Echoes of Ages - CiVilization Plus+ v70: should be fully compatible
  • Total Mod v7: should be compatible provided EUI's "TechTree" module is disabled (don't know if this old mod still works, though
  • Ingame Editor v39.1: compatible provided IGE_Overlay.lua and IGE_Overlay.xml are removed from IGE's BulkUI subfolder, or EUI's PlotHelp module is disabled. Also you may want to remove IGE's IGE_AlertStack, IGE_MiniMap, and IGE_NotificationPanel xml/lua pairs from the same BulkUI subfolder (they are only there to create potential problems), and change the location of the :c5capital:IGE:c5capital: menu button manually or automatically
  • Beyond the future v20: should be compatible
  • Really Advanced Setup v9: should be compatible
  • PerfectWorld3: compatible
  • History in the Making II v6: should be compatible, provided either EUI's "TechTree" module is disabled or the mod's ..\UI\InGame\TechTree files are removed
  • A Civ of Ice and Fire v3: must disable EUI's "TechTree" module, and things should work (but is this mod still compatible with the game ?)
  • A Mod of Ice and Fire (G&K v4 or BNW v1): should be compatible, provided you first remove the mod's entire UI folder (less advanced than EUI and not fully compatible with current game version)
  • Anno Domini v1: should be compatible, but will disable EUI's "TopPanel" module
  • City-State Diplomacy Mod v23: should work provided you remove CSD's own CityView.lua, TopPanel.lua, and InfoTooltipInclude.lua from its ...\Assets\UI\... folder (EUI's CityView.lua and TopPanel.lua are compatible with CSD, the reverse is not true)
  • Civ IV Diplomacy Features Mod v10: should work provided you remove CDM's TopPanel.lua from its ...\UI\InGame folder (EUI's TopPanel.lua is compatible with CDM, the reverse is not true)
  • The World of Tamriel v2: should be compatible
  • American Civil War Scenario v10: should be compatible, but will disable EUI's "TopPanel" module
  • Building Made Fun v15: the included addons (in the mod's "addon" folder) are not compatible
  • Falcon AI: Diplomacy v1: should be compatible
  • The Hundred Years' War v9: compatible except the mod is broken
  • Modern Warfare v6: should be compatible
  • Forza29 Huge Earth Map: compatible
  • Heroes of Might and Wisdom v10: should be compatible
  • Corporations v1: should be compatible, but you must either disable EUI's "TopPanel" and "CityBanners" modules, or remove the mod's "TopPanel.lua" and "CityBannerManager.lua" from its UI/InGame folder
  • Reform and Rule v19: should be compatible provided that mod's "InfoTooltipInclude.lua" script is deleted from its ".../Shared/Building Tooltip fix" (otherwise it may overwrite EUI's enhanced tooltips)
  • Medmod VI for Brave New World v5: should be compatible
  • Smart AI v2: compatible
  • Single Unit Graphics v10: should be compatible
  • Legendary Earth Mod (LEM) v7: should be compatible
  • Emigration v5: should be compatible, but you must manually disable EUI's (or the mod's) "CityView" module
  • Super Power Modpack v4.1: should be compatible, but you must manually disable EUI's (or the mod's) "UnitPanel" and "CityView" modules (EUI versions prior to v1.22 had a TechTree compatibility bug, but this should now be fixed)
  • Leugi's Israel Civilization v7: should be compatible, but you must manually remove that mod's CityBannerManager.lua from its "...\Incompatibility" folder (not needed since EUI doesn't talk to barbarians)
  • Cultural Diffusion v18: should be compatible, but you must manually either disable EUI's PlotHelp module or remove that mod's CultureUIFunctions.lua from its "...\Lua" folder
  • Whoward's mods: all of his 157+ mods (including UI ones) should be compatible, EXCEPT for:
    • "UI - Notification Options"
    • "UI - City Expansion"
    • "UI - City Production Queue Enhancements"

    Please note that some of these mods replace EUI functionality with different functionality, especially "UI - Improved City Banner", your choice
    Please also note that you need to delete YieldIconManager.lua and YieldIconManager.xml from Community Patch (or any other mod using "DLL - Various Mod Components") whenever using with EUI (otherwise every tile yield icon is the little :c5food: apple food icon)
  • Éa III, Sword & Sorcery: completely incompatible, Enhanced User Interface needs to be entirely disabled for this mod to work
  • Faerun for Brave New World v6: completely incompatible, Enhanced User Interface needs to be entirely disabled for this version of Faerun to work
  • Faerun for Gods & Kings v16: very limited compatibility :(, must disable EUI's "TopPanel", "CityView", and "TechTree" modules
  • S3rgeus's SiegeMod v1: very limited compatibility :(, must disable EUI's "ActionInfoPanel", "TechTree" and "TopPanel" modules
  • Total conversion mods (such as R.E.D. WWII Edition): don't even try :lol:
If you identify things which interfere with a mod, I can make reasonable changes, but time is short and the issue must be properly investigated first. This means I need a precise description of what is wrong, what is expected, lua.log, a game save, and if helpfull, screenshots.

If you have tested mods with EUI, please share your experience I will update the list when I get the time.

In case of problems
Double check proper install, then submit lua logs​
Spoiler :

  1. Please read the instructions carefully
  2. Make sure your game is up to date at version : EUI is incompatible with game versions older than (such as
  3. Make sure your EUI version is the latest version from this website
  4. Make sure any previous EUI version has been deleted before installing a new version !
  5. Make sure the UI_bc1 folder has been installed in the correct location (see instructions): there can only be one such folder in the entire ...\sid meier's civilization v\ folder tree, and it MUST be in ...\Steam\SteamApps\common\sid meier's civilization v\assets\DLC
  6. If you are using mods, try disabling mods to check for conflicts. Some early mods were folders starting with "z" that were put in the game's ...\assets\UI folder, those are not detected by the game's install or integrity check, you have to manually look for them.
  7. In case of conflicts, try disabling conflicting EUI components by removing the corresponding subfolder from the UI_bc1 folder (please note that EUI will break if its Art* or Core folder are removed)
  8. If problem persists, please report bugs at
How to report a bug
  1. Report bugs at
  2. What game version do you have?
  3. What expansions and DLC do you have?
  4. Do you play on PC or Mac?
  5. Describe the problem
  6. Attach a screenshot and/or a save game if you think it might help
  7. To attach a file to your post: click "go advanced", then click "manage attachments"
  8. If the problem is caused by a mod, what's the mod's name, version, and where did you get it (url)
  9. Post your lua.log error messages (or better yet, the entire lua.log), either as an attachment (compressed to zip or renamed to lua.txt) or within a spoiler markup
  10. The lua.log file is usually in ...\Documents\My Games\Sid Meier's Civilization 5\Logs. If it's missing or almost empty, you need to enable logging for debugging
  11. Non-trivial problem reports without lua.log will get no response
How to enable logging for debugging
  1. Close Civilization V
  2. Open config.ini with a simple text editor such as notepad (usually in ...\Documents\My Games\Sid Meier's Civilization 5)
  3. Search for the line "LoggingEnabled = 0" and replace it with "LoggingEnabled = 1"
  4. Do the same with "EnableLuaDebugLibrary = 0": set it to 1. If this line does not exist, add it before LoggingEnabled
  5. Save config.ini and close
  6. Start Civilization V and reproduce the problem

Fair use
Please don't work around the user having to manually download and install the original author's EUI version​
Spoiler :
This computer program (and any Version thereof) is copyright / author's rights protected by the Berne convention and WCT (WIPO copyright treaty).
You may download this program from and use it free of charge for non-profit private use at your sole risk (no warranty expressed or implied).
You may NOT distribute this program in whole or in part, except as non-profit EUI derivative work "compatibility files" and only as required to make an EUI "mod mod" or your Civilization 5 "mod" compatible with EUI, i.e. please only include files needed for your mod and don't work around the user having to download and install the original EUI version.
Since this program is a derivative work of Firaxis Civilization 5, you must also comply with their terms.
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