Civ5 Enhanced User Interface v1.29i

Civ5 Enhanced User Interface

  1. Civ5 Enhanced User Interface v1.29i

    "for the first time I played Civ5 on Linux without experiencing any crash, that has never happened before, with or without EUI"

    v1.29h fixes some bugs with v1.29a-h, adds customization options and minor improvements. Victory screen is re-coded to improve game loading speed and provide culture details.

    More stable and reliable than old 1.28g ever was, it has better performance and more functionality:
    • bug and crash fixes
    • tooltip improvements
    • performance improvements
    • ActionInfoPanel: enter key goes to next end blocking task
    • ActionInfoPanel: the icon of players who are not yet done with their turn flashes in the civilization ribbon
    • ActionInfoPanel: after pressing next turn, focus on worker which has just completed a significant improvement and delay next turn
    • CityStatePopup: if enabled in game menu - options - interface options, automatically closes after player action such as gift and pledge
    • InGame: if option is enabled or ALT key is pressed, show predictive unit firing range from where the unit will end up after moving (red highlight), when moving ranged units while pressing right click or in move mode
    • InGame: unit move range is displayed (blue highlight) as soon as unit is selected
    • InGame: highlight city working limits for city settlement planning when pressing "x" key or while moving a settler
    • InGame: if auto unit cycle and quick selection advance are both checked under interface options, unit cycling is now really fast
    • CityBanners: original capital tooltip, improved flag graphics
    • CityView: add a production automation check button at the bottom left corner (hammer and cog)
    • UnitFlagManager: display a movement pip on the map unit flags when a unit has partially used its moves or attacks
    • UnitFlagManager: display some of the unit's promotions to the left of its flag (this feature can be disabled); only the most relevant promotions are displayed to prevent clutter, and only for your units and the enemies's you are at war with
    • UnitFlagManager: unit flag tooltip shows promotion details after extended mouse over tooltip delay set in the interface option panel
    • UnitPanel: unit ribbon shows promotions from UnitFlagManager
    • UnitPanel: reduced game lag, changed unit list sorting
    • YieldIconManager: display of resources, natural wonders, and tile improvements along with the yields
    • YieldIconManager: map display can be extensively customized in map option menu (next to minimap)
    • YieldIconManager: left click on item to toggle display with yields on/off
    • YieldIconManager: right click on item to cycle though plot containing corresponding feature, natural wonder, improvement or resource
    • CityStatePopup: merge in City States Leaders by mihaifx (2010) and Nutty (2012)
    • Options: enable / disable for City States Leaders, unit flag promotions, predictive firing range, and lots of other options
    • FrontEnd: the MODS menu allows Hot Seat mode with MODS! Some mods with CUSTOM load screens do not work (e.g. Earth 2014), some do (e.g. Advanced Earth and Barbarians Evolved)
    • FrontEnd: modded hotseat also works with scenario maps, but remember to select the scenario map in the drop down menu (I have not found a reliable way to automate that)
    • FrontEnd: the MODS menu allows direct access to modded Civilopedia, to learn about the mod before playing it
    • FrontEnd: the MODS menu directly launches scenario with custom load screens when only one exists, saving 2 more clicks
    • FrontEnd: the SCENARIO menu includes user-created content with custom load screens (in addition to Firaxis')
    • FrontEnd: easier main menu navigation (LOAD GAME reduced from 2 to 1 step, MOD launch reduced from 6 to 3 steps); some MODS still need to be activated via MODS menu when loading modded games
    • FrontEnd: load menu allows to select game type (single player, hot seat, multiplayer), shows game data on mouse over, and launch game with a single click
    • FrontEnd: StagingRoom no longer loads and hogs resources during single player games
    • Core: add a popup dispatcher for improved performance
    • Core: cache EUI settings (avoids noticeable lag when leaving the game)
    • Demographics: new module to provide detailed history graphs and replay map in-game (works with existing game saves, does not touch future game saves, unlike Robb's InfoAddict mod). This is a departure from EUI's philosophy to remain within the information bounds of what the base UI provides. Unlike the end game graphs and replay map, you can only see information concerning civilizations you have met and map plots you have seen, but that's still loads of extra info compared to the base game. So if you do not want this extra info, simply delete this folder (or simply don't click the new demographics dropdown menu).
    • Demographics: when using autoplay (with a mod such as Rhye's Catapult), the history graphs will automatically update as turns go by. While in game as an observer, you have access to all player's graphs.
    • Improvements: re-coded CivilopediaScreen is much more efficient, compatible with mods pre-game, and provides more data
    • Victory: re-coded to improve game loading speed, provide culture details, and allow changing victory conditions ingame.
    Compatible with mods which don't make UI (User Interface) changes such as the excellent Acken's Minimalistic Balance for singleplayer (and AI improvements) v8
    NOT compatible with Info Addict v22 (EUI already includes detailed history graphs), or mods which modify the UI such as Community Patch Project, bnw quality of life modpack v5, NQMOD or Takmod...
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