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[CivPack]Native American Civilizations 2016-10-05

[CivPack]Native American Civilizations

  1. Optik
    "Ancient" Native Amrican Civilizations Pack (NoDLC required)
    (Chibchas, Inca, Mapuche, Maya, Tupi, Zapotec, Caribbean, Sioux)

    Maps: http://forums.civfanatics.com/downloads.php?do=file&id=17635

    Spoiler :
    Leader: Thathanka Iyotake

    Holy Man

    Social policies cost are reduced by 10% until the discovery of Railroad.

    Unique Unit
    Lakota Rider (Remplace Horseman)
    +2 :c5strength: Strength
    Lakota Rider have a combat bonus against mounted units and combat likely to create Great Generals

    Unique Building
    Totem (Remplace Barrack)
    +15 XP for all Land Units.
    +2:c5gold: Gold on Fur.
    +1:c5production: Production on Horse and Deer worked by the city.
    1:c5gold:Gold Maintenance

    The Caribbean Tribes
    Spoiler :
    Leader: Anacaona

    Spirits of the Sea

    Sea buildings cost 30% less and they provide +3 culture:c5culture: for each Sea resource exploited.

    Unique Unit
    Karib Warrior (Remplace Swordsman)
    +1 :c5strength: Strength
    Karib Warrior start with amphibious promotion and have a bonus damage vs wounded units

    Unique Building
    Barbacoa (Remplace Circus)
    +3:c5happy: Happyness
    +2:c5food: Food
    No :c5gold:Gold Maintenance

    The Chibchas
    Spoiler :
    Leader: Saguamanchica

    Road to El Dorado

    Gold, Gems and Coal provides double quantity.
    +1 :c5gold:Gold from each :c5trade:Trade Route.

    Unique Unit
    Muiscas Spearman (Remplace Spearman)
    +1 :c5strength: Strength
    Acquires promotions at double the rate of other units

    Unique Building
    Tejo (Remplace Colosseum)
    +2:c5happy: Happyness
    :c5culture:Culture cost of acquiring new tiles reduced by 25% in this city
    No :c5gold:Gold Maintenance

    The Inca
    Spoiler :
    Leader: Atahualpa

    The Last Son of the Sun

    +20% :c5production:Production towards Wonder construction.

    Unique Unit
    Huaminca (Remplace Swordsman)
    +1 :c5strength: Strength
    begins with Drill I promotion

    Unique Building
    Temple of the Sun (Remplace Temple)
    +5:c5culture:Culture, 1 :c5greatperson:Scientist slot instead Artist one
    No :c5gold:Gold Maintenance

    The Mapuche
    Spoiler :
    Leader: Caupolic√°n

    Warrior Society

    +10 XP for Land Units builded in the :c5capital:Capital
    Great General provides double :c5goldenage: Golden Age duration when expended
    Pay 25% for land unit maintenance

    Unique Unit1
    Mapuche Ironwood Clubman (Remplace Swordman)
    Can remove jungle and construct camp/fort
    Free Promo: Spawn General I

    Unique Unit2
    Mapuche Cavalry (Remplace Horseman)
    Ignore terrain cost
    Free promo: Spawn General I

    The Maya
    Spoiler :
    Leader: K'inich Janaab Pakal I

    Jungle Fervor

    +15%:c5science: in the :c5capital:Capital and strategic resources give a +2 :c5science: Science.

    Unique Unit
    Holkan (Remplace Spearman)
    +1 :c5strength: Strength
    have double movement in forest/jungle tiles and partially heals on an enemy kill

    Unique Building
    Pok a Tok (Remplace Colosseum)
    +3 :c5happy: Happyness, +1 :c5greatperson:Artist slot
    no :c5gold:Gold Maintenance

    The Tupi
    Spoiler :
    Leader: Cunhambebe

    The Tamoyo Confederation

    City-State :c5influence:Influence degrades at half and recovers at twice the normal rate.

    Unique Unit
    Blackwood Archer (Remplace Archer)
    Free Promo: bonus when fighting on Forest and Jungle

    Unique Building
    Cannibal Altar (Remplace Courthouse)
    +4 :c5culture:Culture, 2 :c5gold:Gold Maintenance
    Eliminates extra :c5unhappy:Unhappiness from an :c5occupied:Occupied City,
    trained units in the City heals more quickly (Free Promo: Fast Heal).

    The Zapotec
    Spoiler :
    Leader: Cosijoeza

    Drums of War

    During a :c5goldenage:Golden Age, units receive +1 :c5moves:Movement and a +10% Combat :c5strength:Strength bonus.
    The Great General bonus is increase by 15%

    Unique Unit
    Mixtec Slinger (Remplace Archer)
    Can move after attacking

    Unique Building
    Royal Burial (Remplace Temple)
    +3 :c5culture:culture and +1 :c5happy:Happyness
    Provides :c5gold:gold after Archaeology
    No :c5gold:Gold Maintenance

    The way to get your Slinger Texture if you have Inca DLC
    Spoiler :
    After installing the pack.
    Go in your MOD folder, ANAC(CivPack) folder, edit ANACUnit.xml file (you can use notepad for exemple).
    Find the line refering: <Type>UNIT_MIXTECSLINGER</Type>
    You found further down the line:<UnitArtInfo>ART_DEF_UNIT_ARCHER</UnitArtInfo>
    Remplace it with: <UnitArtInfo>ART_DEF_UNIT_U_INCAN_SLINGER</UnitArtInfo>


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