In Fourteen Hundred & 92, Columbus Sailed the ... SKIES SO BLUE!!??!!

Columbus colonizing a new empty world scenario for Civilization 1 created by @jpciv .

Zip contents:
CIVIL8.MAP - CivDOS save file
CIVIL8.SVE - CivDOS save file
S_Columbus.sav - CivWin save file

Scenario converted to Civilization for Windows using MountainMn10's CivCracker and repacked in 7zip by Blake. Respective files successfully tested in CivDOS & CivWin. Recommend CivWin users try the scenario with Honza's CivWin DOS graphics mod and Blake's CivWin Soundtrack Overhaul mod.

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Authors notes and rules:
OK, here's the story.

Your planet, the COLUMBIANS, has discovered a new planet with intelligent, but uncivilized lifeforms. Unfortunately, your astronomers have also discovered that in 1492 AD, a ginormous comet is going to crash into the planet, eliminating all life larger than a cockroach.

Your planet can't save everyone, but it CAN send an emissary to warn them, someone who can encourage them to build a spaceship in time to escape the comet and start a new life on Alpha Centauri.

You have been chosen. You are CRISTOFORO, the famed astronavigator, and now you must go and rescue them. Good luck!

YOUR MISSION (should you choose to accept it, LOL) is to build up one civilization so that they can LAUNCH A FULLY LOADED (40,000) SPACESHIP IN 1490, for arrival in 1505. In addition:
- You must build (or capture) ALL 21 WONDERS (you'll need them at Alpha Centauri)
- You must have at least ONE FUTURE TECH (you can stop at one, see spoilers)
- You must have the full maximum 100 PEACE POINTS (this can be a tough one, see spoilers)
- You must build (or discover from goody huts) MORE THAN 64 CITIES in your own territory (not counting those you might capture from the other Civs). I had as many as 86 while testing (see spoilers)

Spoiler :
This is a peaceful, city-building game (think Sim City here), so don’t waste your time hunting down the other Civs for battle. Use the limited time you have to build up the cities and get ready for launch.

You have a HUGE, and very fertile landmass in which to develop. It lies to the North and West of your Capital City.

The other 6 Civs each have their own islands, far to the East, and they will probably use these to develop technology rather than spending all of their time fighting petty battles amongst themselves. Probably... Maybe... Possibly... Hopefully...

I set it up so that I can guarantee that the other Civs will NOT invade your land "en masse" until well after they develop transports, bombers, and nukes (if even then). They MIGHT send one or two units, just to say "hi" but that's about it. (see spoilers)

Even if they do come visiting, you have 5 MechInf units in a fort on a mountaintop guarding your island. No one is ever likely to pass that barrier before 1490, when you have to launch the SS. (Do NOT use these MechInf's for any other purpose - their only reason for being in the game is to guard your "Back Gate" - they serve as a one-way gate, you can go through but the other Civs cannot.)

Along with Irrigation, Mining, and Roads, you have brought with you the secrets of Railroads, Bridges, and Democracy. You also brought along 2 Cavalry, 2 Phalanxes, and 2 Settlers to help you get started (BTW, everybody else has the same). All 7 Capital Cities are built on RR's for that little bit of extra food.


This is a Pass / Fail game. You either succeed in launching on time with FT, Cities, Peace, and Wonders or you don't. So your Civ Score doesn't mean anything here. Good luck, and enjoy! This is the game I've always wanted to try, but the built-in custom map builder would never give me. Thanks to Dack and TerraForm for making it possible!

Post up your 1500AD Autosave File (probably CIVIL9.SVE/MAP) and let me know what you thought of the game.


Save Game Cheat ALLOWED for:

- Before entering goody huts - especially to get free cities from advanced tribes. Remember, you're an advanced alien yourself, helping out the locals! (see spoilers)

- Before ending your turn - especially to "avoid" Civil Disorder (because it's easier than checking 80+ cities to see who's on the verge) and "recover from" Natural Disasters (because there should have been a setting to turn this off, ala Sim City)

- I don't use it for keeping Wonders away from the other Civs, it's easier to let them build it and steal it later, LOL

TerraForm Cheat ALLOWED for:

- Looking at the map to see where the goody huts are (you arrived by SS, remember?)

- Removing invading Barbarians or Civs without having to fight them (there should have been a setting to turn this off, ala Sim City)

- Building an isthmus to connect the 6 Civ Islands just before launching your Spaceship (see spoilers)

Settler Cheat is NOT ALLOWED:

- You won't need it anyway (and this is from a very, very dedicated "settler cheater" of many, many years!) As it turns out, with 80+ cities, this game is actually easier to manage if you leave the settlers alone (faster too).

- You can however, "wake up" a settler to remove it from harm's way if it's being attacked, or to stop it from finishing something so you can use it to found a city.

Scenario in CivWin with Honza's DOS graphics mod


Scenario in CivWin with vanilla graphics

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