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Dan Edalian Civ [MODULAR BtS] 2016-10-05

Dan Edalian Civ [MODULAR BtS]

  1. Circuit
    Here's my newest future civ, the Dan Edalian Company. Basically, it is a civ that represents a future America taken over by a corporation. This civ is intended to be used with mods such as Next War, ViSa, Amra, RoM (the intended mod; I will issue a version for it soon). Be sure to check out the Reman civ in my sig, since the stories of the two are tied together.

    Name: Dan Edalian Empire

    Spoiler :

    Leader: Mr. Big (Financial, Industrious)

    Spoiler :

    UU: Protection Agent (SAM Infantry)

    Spoiler :

    UB: Local Branch (Courthouse)

    Spoiler :

    Credits: The CIV Gold team for the Williams leaderhead. hrochland for the UB (Versaille pyramid). Rabbit, White for futuristic SAM infantry.

    Enjoy :)

    Link to thread here.


    1. civ4screenshot0009_K2t.jpg