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  • I've almost never released confidential information for personal gain. When I do, I have explicit IC reasons for it. I don't like being called an OOC player. It is insulting.
    I've used no OOC information. Everyone knows about everything I've said. If I wanted to throw secrets out I would, but I don't. Also, lying and denying is a skill you should develop. It works wonders.
    Edited in a response to your counter-essay to my last post on the Capto Iugulum thread. I would suggest that we let that be the end of the IC correspondence there (we have an essay, response, and counter-response which provides a good cross-section of the academic debate)
    He wants to continue supporting the illegal coup. Not much can be done to satiate Argentina's hunger for war, it seems.
    I'm very concerned by the fact that you enabled the Argentine military aggression by giving them a carrier. This is very upsetting to our relations.
    Hi. Capto Iugulum. Loan this turn please? I will give you my firstborn child. My soul. 100 EP in interest.
    Just wanna make sure we're on the same page in China with regards to strategy, and if not we can iron it out by PM or AIM or whatever works for you
    No, the plan was for Italy to recognize they had lost Egypt, period. In exchange for that Germany and Brazil would make a number of other lesser diplomatic agreements that would make the embargo obsolete. Then the world could be settled and peaceful without all this upheaval.
    A fairly simple and clean treaty, really. It just needs everyone on the same page. Italy isn't willing to drop claim on Egypt.
    If things work out between TLK and me, we can stop this whole economic destruction of the planet nonsense. But Nailix is one of the blocking parties.
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