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Disasters 0.4

Natural disasters that spawn randomly around the map.

  1. Merkava120
    Disasters Mod - currently under development

    Version 0.4 additions:
    Spoiler :

    • Changed the way art is read into the XML so that you can add as many art effects to a disaster as you want.
    • Added messaging for damage and spawning of disasters and made sure it works.
    • Somehow, the hurricane artwork broke and won't display now. Yippee
    • Added "warnings" that can require anything the player has (tech/civic/trait) before displaying a warning a couple turns before a disaster occurs. I intend to expand this to things on specific tiles but haven't quite finished that yet

    Previous versions
    Spoiler :

    Version 0.3 additions:
    Spoiler :

    • Disasters now have the ability to move toward XML-defined targets, or just toward land, or just randomly.
    • Disasters can now spread copies of themselves, or entirely different disasters.
    • Added "Locusts" (they move from farm to farm, destroying them) and "Disease" (spreads via trade routes and kills population).
    • Updated other disasters to include movement and relevant spreads.
    • Fixed a bug where the lifetime of a disaster could be zero even if iMinLifeTime was set to something greater.

    Version 0.2 additions:
    Spoiler :

    • Disasters now have a lifetime, after which they will be removed.
    • Disasters can now cause damages, as many as you want.
    • A "damage" has a chance of occurring each turn the disaster is alive.
    • Damage done to buildings will destroy the building, but production will be replaced in the city to bring the hammers for the building close to the original. For example, doing 25% damage to a building would destroy it, but you'd get 75% of the production cost added back to the city. So it's like repairing buildings.
    • Otherwise, damage done to improvements is a random chance of pillaging it, and for population and units damage is just straight % damage.
    • Added a disaster "Meteor" with an effect from Himan.
    • Changed tornado to one by Himan.

    Version 0.1:
    Spoiler :

    • Natural disasters are set up through an XML file called DisasterInfos.xml
    • Each turn there is a 10% chance of spawning any disaster
    • Each type of disaster has a weight, set in the XML, that determines how likely a spawned disaster will be that type of disaster
    • Disasters can have up to two art effects, set through the XML
    • Adds a unit called "God" which can be used to test any disasters added through the XML. If you want to add your own disaster and test it, make sure to add the disaster as "EVENT_<tag you used in the xml>" in the EventInfos file, and then add that event to the god trigger in EventTriggerInfos file. The mod will take care of the rest.
    • Includes: Fire, Storm, Hurricane, Tornado

    Spoiler :

    Thanks to Hrochland for the rain and the beautiful tornado, Walter Hawkwood for the hurricane (stripped from a storm drake crag from Fantasy Pack 2: Lairs & Ruins), Lord Tirian for the locusts (found here, thanks Himan), FFH for the cloud part of the storm, Gods of Old for half of the disease effect (the other half is the stock city-is-sick effect), and Civ4 for the fire.

    Link to thread


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