Dwarven Adept 2016-10-05

Dwarven Adept

  1. seZereth
    This is a character created for the Fall from Heaven II mod
    Modelled and rigged in Blender, handpainted texture using a wacom intuos 3 and Photoshop 7. Rendered and screencaptured in Nifskope. Limit was 1000 polies and one 256x256 texture.
    The role of a dwarven Adept is more a mechanical than a magical, but they use the aid of potions and spells in combination with their fine crafting skills.
    In FfH II you can use this guy to repair your golems (such as the Clockwork golem), as they otherwise will not heal if damaged.

    He uses standard scout animations, you probably want to decrease his size in the xml too.