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Earth 1000 AD (Warlords) v1.25 2016-10-05

This is Earth 1000 AD. Some of you might have played it and still remember it from Vanilla. I've decided to update it to Warlords because I was reading a tread, and some people said that they played Vanilla, just so they could play the Scenarios, and premade maps. So I was looking through some of the Vanilla Scenarios, and decided to update Earth 1000 AD because it looked like a well deserving map to be updated. :goodjob:

Changes made; I replaced the barbarians in Korea with the Korean Empire and I moved There capital up so I could put another city in the south (Taejon). I also added some more units in there capital and put some in Taejon. I also changed the Vikings leader head so it's now Ragnar instead of Alexander. Oh I also made it so you can play any civ. And did other minor updates enjoy. I replaced the Byzantines lh with a reskin I found. I gave the Chinese the Great Wal, Gave the Koreans and the Mongolians some more units, gave the Koreans some more techs/pop/Culture. I added the Zulu and the Ottomens. I have it so in the begining of the game it places some barbarian animals and galleys randomly. I've also added the Iroquois. And did some minor tweaks.:goodjob: :king:

Instalation instructions:
Put it in My Documents My Games Warlords Mods just paste it there and away you go. Also this is just a map it doesn't have changes so you can use it with other mods.:goodjob:

The Navy SEAL for coming up with the idea and putting it together.
jdog5000 I used his Revolution 2 mod to add the Koreans.
And Zebra 9 for tips.
And the Firaxis team and everyone that made this map/scenario for Vannila.
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