Ennorath Civilizations - Alpha 1.06a

This is a very indepth scenario set in the world created by J.R.R. Tolkien.

  1. 1.06a

    - Fixed the game menu preventing one from returning back to the game (from the patch)
  2. 1.06

    - I fixed the issue with the ents and oathsworn either never going away or going away on the first turn

    - Eowyn should kill the witchking when adjacent on all tiles there was a blindspot tile

    - Trade Route ranges are more then doubled
  3. 1.05a

    Hopefully fixed the repeatable tech not being selectable
  4. 1.05

    - Changed Position of Repeatable Lore and Civic so smaller screens can see it, so it should show up now

    - Isengard becomes neutral when selecting it instead of forcing league of sauron.

    - If a Free People's member takes Barad-Dur then they win and the game ends
  5. 1.04

    - Domestic Routes should now give culture properly

    - Construction IV and V were changed to give base production in each city and give the proper amount

    - Killing a civilization will remove all their territory from the map to prevent border gore and border blockage

    - Increased the costs of civics and lore slightly
  6. 1.03 update

    - Repeatable tech and civic changed to a tech/civic which will last for infinite amount of time basically

    - Increased Ered Luin's starting territory

    - Spawned an extra city for Arnor upon Rebuilding Lore

    - Fixed all policies that effect units so that they apply to all melee, cavalry and ranged not just counters

    - Fixed a crash that happened after Osgiliath and Cair Andros were captured
  7. 1.02

    - Added a repeatable Lore Item and Civic Item so you don't get locked out after you have progressed through everything.

    - Fixed the diplomacy deal screen
  8. Quick Fix for proper scenario numbers

    Quick Fix for proper scenario numbers