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Faerun for BNW v.17

A mod set in the fantasy world of the Forgotten Realms

  1. v.17

  2. Faerun for BNW v.16

    Adds new buildings, units, spells and wonders. UI and bug fixes.
  3. Faerun for BNW v.15

    This is the final build of v.15, which includes everything in v.15 BETA and several additional balance and bug fixes. This mod must be used with Faerun Art Assets v.5 or higher!
  4. Faerun for BNW v.15 BETA

    • Adds Alustriel Silverhand of the Silver Marches as a new Civ
    • Adds a new promotion system based on fantasy items
    • Wonders are built as map improvements
    • Adds a new Scenario Map: Sword Coast
    • Adds 8 new unique buildings, heroes and improvements
    • Adds a Gambling Tent user interface
    • Adds 15+ new spells and abilities
    • Adds 80+ new promotions
    • Various bugfixes, including Neutral Victory


    1. BNW_Alustriel.jpg
    2. BNW_Drow.jpg
    3. BNW_Promotions.jpg
    4. BNW_Gamble.jpg
    5. BNW_WonderPopup.jpg