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Frazetta-Style Barsoomian Cities 2016-10-05

Frazetta-Style Barsoomian Cities

  1. Balthasar
    From a Cover illustration that the late, great Frank Frazetta did for the book "John Carter and the Savage Apes of Mars".

    Design by Balthasar & Blue Monkey, models by Blue Monkey, compositing by Balthasar.

    Some images (walls) by Kyriakos was included in this work, and we acknowledge and appreciate this contribution that he is not yet aware of.

    For a great place to put these see my Mars Terrain Thread.

    The thread for this is here: Click to see thread


    1. frazetta_barsoom_city_0Ys.png
    2. dusar_6d9.png
    3. marentina_n88.png
    4. city_all_3vF.png
    5. domed_cities_mNI.png
    6. walled_city_s7o.png
    7. Ptarth.png