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Gandalf (Wizard) 2016-10-05

Gandalf (Wizard)

  1. Nomad or What
    "Gandalf"-style wizard, 4 different skins. Uses Civ V Scout animations with fireball (city attack) effects included in the .ftsxml. High detail and poly count (3,000+), so should ideally be used as an individual unit or great person. Source art from Atlantica Online.

    EDIT: Updated effects to six different varieties: City attack, Dromon fire, GDR Railgun, Rocket Artillery, GDR Rocket, and XCOM Plasma Ray. :END EDIT

    Discussion thread


    1. wizardm4_5md.jpg
    2. wizardm3_572.jpg
    3. wizardm2_mzZ.jpg
    4. wizardm1_14g.jpg
    5. wizard_artilleryrocket_NuJ.jpg
    6. wizard_dromonfire2_iTl.jpg
    7. wizard_dromonsmoke_u35.jpg
    8. wizard_mechrailgun2_8Uh.jpg
    9. wizard_mechrocket3_l7N.jpg
    10. wizard_plasmabeam_nSw.jpg