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Great Britain 2016-10-05

Great Britain Mod v1.1

NB. This Mod only works with Civ4:Warlords

This mod removes the England civ from the game and replaces it with The United Kingdom Of Great Britain And Northern Ireland (Great Britain)

One thing that I always wanted to do in Civilization was play as Great Britain, rather than just as England. When I set out to create this mod, I couldn't understand why the game's creators had chosen to use England, rather than Great Britain as the Civ, especially when two of the leaders (Victoria nd Churchill), and the unique unit (Redcoats) came from the period after the Act Of Union (the parlimentary act that merged the old Scottish and English paliaments into one British parliament, effectively the Birth of the United Kingdom, although England, Scotland, and Wales had political ties prior to this). As I created the mod however, I quickly became aware of the minefield of interpretations I had entered. It is now easy for me to sypathise with the desire to "keep things simple" and use England, rather than Great Britain, in the game. Noe the less, I personally still had the desire to play as Great Britain, and in case others do, I present here my mod.

I will state here; I am English, born, raised, and still resident in Manchester, northern England. As stated previously, I had to make many descisions during the creation of this mod, that could possibly cause offence. I will go into more details on why I chose certain options later on, but as an overview, I wanted the finished Civ to emphasise the Union. Great Britain has a long and somewhat chequered history, but with the Act of Union, three races of people (Ireland was added, then partially removed afterwards) who had long been at each others' throats, chose to come together and work, unified for mutual benefit. It is this sense of unity that I felt should be central to the Great British Civ. If any of my choices offend, be you English, Scottish, Welsh, Irish, Manx, Channel Islander, or simply of British descent, or indeed for that matter, someone with no ties to the Isles whatsoever, I assure you it was not my intent. I have travelled extensively within Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Wales, and have nothing but respect for those places and their people (I confess I have yet to visit The Isle of Man and a few other places, but the rest of the statement still applies).

So, without further ado, I presnt Great Britain.


Queen Victoria - unchanged from Civ4: Warlords
Sir Winston Churchill - unchanged from Civ4: Warlords
Richard The Lionheart - Imperialist/Aggressive
James I of England, VI of Scotland - Spiritual/Charismatic
Malcolm I of Scotland - Imperialist/Financial
David Lloyd George - Philosophical/Organised

Regarding Elizabeth I: I comtemplated including Elizabeth, unchanged from Civ4: Warlords, but during her reign relations between England and Scotland were far from cordial, and in many ways I do not believe her inclusion would capture the spirit of unity. the final deciding factor was that, though she may well have been pressured into it, her signature os on the death warrant of Mary, Queen Of Scots, and thus I felt it would've been wrong to inlcude her in this mod.

Two of the new leaders, Richard and Malcolm, pre-date the Act Of Union. I included each for various reasons, and both because I want to Civ to represent all of British history, not just since the Act Of Union. Richard is a fascinating historical figure, he spent very little time actually in Britain and yet nontheless seems to have massively influenced the collective psyche, of England at the very least. I included Malcolm as an example of early ties between England and Scotland, although he was King of Scotland, he was allied with his contempries in England proving as far back as the 10th Century that both peoples' could work together.

James is of course the first post-Roman ruler of all of Britain. Although the parliaments remained distinct during his reign, his succeeding Elizabeth I to the English throne (he was already King of Scotland) was in many ways, the first step towards the Union.

David Lloyd George is a very important figure in recent British history, possibly eclipsed only by Sir Winston Churchill in his impact of 20th Century Britain. He is, thus far, Britain's only Welsh Prime Minister, he lead Britain through World War I and first coined the phrase "a land fit for heroes".

There's more about each leader in the Civilopedia (though granted not a lot about Richard).



All the cities from the English Civ are present, though with the order altered slightly to represent the impact they've had on Britain; Nottingham was a very important city in medieval England, but to include it above Birmingham or Manchester in a British Civ would not really be sensible. I have of course, also included cities from Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland*, and even good old Douglas from The Isle Of Man.

*The inclusion of Belfast is of course a contentious issue. I essentially had three options, to ignore Ireland completely, to include just Northern Ireland, or to include all of Ireland, which for a long period was considered part of the United Kingdom. In the end I settled for, what I confess amounts to a compromise. To ignore Ireland completely I felt would be disrespectful to the many Irish that have featured extensively in Britain's history (a whole third of Wellington's army that defeated Napoleon was Irish born). That said, despite the fact that many Irish figures in British history hailed from parts of Ireland that are now part of the Republic Of Ireland, I felt to inlcude cities such as Dublin and Cork would likely offend those resident in such places.

This is quite a long list, it is unlikely that all the cities will appear in most games unless you're as fond of raizing foreign cities as Richard The Lioheart appears to be. Still at least you wont be seeing The Mumbles any time soon.

Unique Unit:

Redcoat - unchanged from Civ4: Warlords with the exception of the addtion of regimental names lsted bellow. I based these names of a list of the order of regimental prescedence in the 18th Century

Regimental Names:

The Scot's Guards
The Coldstream Guards
The Royal Scots
The Queens Royal West Surrey Regiment
The Buffs East Kent Regiment
The King's Own Royal Lancaster Regiment
The Northumberland Fusiliers
The Royal Warwickshire Regiment
The Royal Fusiliers
The King's Liverpool Regiment
The Norfolk Regiment
The Lincolnshire Regiment
The Devonshire Regiment
The Sufolk Regiment
The Prince Alberts
The Prince Of Wales' Own Regiment
The East Yorkshire Regiment
The Bedofrdshire Regiment
The Leicestershire Regiment
The Royal Irish Regiment
The Princess Of Wales' Own Regiment
The Lancashire Fusiliers
The Royal Scots Fusiliers
The Cheshire Regiment
The Royal Welsh Fusiliers
The South Wales Borderers
The King's Own Borderers
The Cameronians
The Perthshire Volunteers
The Royal Inniskillin Fusiliers
The Gloucestershire Regiment
The Worcestershire Regiment
The East Lancashire Regiment
The Huntingdonshire Regiment Of Foot
The Duke Of Cornwall's Light Infantry
The Duke Of Wellington's West Riding Regiment
The Cumberland Regiment Of Foot
The Westmoreland Regiment Of Foot
The Royal Sussex Regiment
Bengal Light Infantry
The Hampshire Regiment
The South Staffordshire Regiment
The Dorsetshire Regiment
The Prince Of Wales' Volunteers
The Welsh Regiment Of Foot
The Black Watch
The Monmouthshire Light Infantry
The Oxfordshire Light Infantry
The Essex Regiment
The Sherwood Foresters
The Loyal North Lancashire Regiment
The Loyal Lincoln Volunteers
The Northamptonshire Regiment Of Foot
The Rutlandshire Regiment Of Foot
Princess Charlotte Of Wales' Regiment Of Foot
The Queen's Own West Kent Regiment
The Earl Of Ulster's Regiment Of Foot
The King's Own Light Infantry
The Shropshire Regiment Of Foot
The Duke Of Cambridge's Own Middlesex Regiment
The King's Royal Rifle Corps
The Duke Of Edinburgh's Wiltshire Regiment
The Duke Of Edinburgh's Lanarkshire Regiment
The Manchester Regiment
The Prince Of Wales' North Staffordshire Regiment
The York And Lancaster Regiment
The Durham Light Infantry
The Highland Light Infantry
Seaforth Highlanders
The Ross-shire Buffs
The Gordon Highlanders
The Stirlingshire Regiment Of Foot
The Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders
The Royal Irish Rifles
Princess Victoria's Royal Irish Fusiliers
The Connaught Rangers
Princess Louise's Argyll Highlanders
The Sutherland Highlanders
The Prince Of Wales' Leinster Regiment
The Royal Munster Fusiliers
The Royal Dublin Fusiliers
The Prince Consort's Own Rifle Brigade
The West India Regiment

There are of course, a few regiments here that do not hail form Geat Britain itself (India and Ireland being the the origin, regiments founded when each respective place was part of The British Empire), but I felt to not include them would have been disrespectful to the brave soldiers of said regiments that fought, and in many cases died, in Britain's name. And besides, how could I not include such great regimants as The Bengal Light Infantry or The Connaught Rangers?

There are a few other small tweaks, but nothing that affects gameplay, simply asthetic changes such as the inclusion of the Union Flag, and a few great peoples' names.

So, I hope people enjoy my first mod as much as I enjoyed creating it.

Thanks to (in no particular order):

Charcoal for a cracking "Create a Civ" tutorial - I'd have been lost without it
Bad Ronald for The Union Flag file
Henning Ludwigsen for the artwork used for Richard The Lionheart - check this guy out, his artwork's awsome
Wikipedia for many of the Civilopedia entries
Everyone at forums for hints and tips that have helped massively
The people of Great Britain for creating such a wonderfully varied nation.

Please enjoy.

Feedback is welcome in the Comments Thread
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What about instead of replacing england you could split it into Britain with Victoria and Churchill and england with elizabeth and some other english, pre-union, leaders?

I have no idea how to install this! I am dying to play as the the UK of GB and NI rather than England!

Do I have to replace certain files? Or is there an installer? Or What!!!???

And could you plz plz plz make this compatible with BtS aswell?

did you add the gurkhas. and the queens lancashire regiment. or did you just put in the old regiments
A Britsih Empire mod would be do-able, I'd resist doing a Commonwealth one as there are Commonwealth members that were never part of the Empire.

An Industrious Leader would be a great idea, especially as Britain was the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution, not sure who though, as the people pushing the Revolution forward were generally business people rather than National Leaders.

Well, I've done nowt with this for months (pretty much since Football Manager 2007 came out...:mischief: ) so I'll look at updating in the near future.
i want your babies
Well done! It's nice that you have been so concerned about not offending people - I'm sure very few people would get offended by a civ mod.

I'd like to see Elizabeth back in simply because it seems a waste of a great animated leaderhead not to have her.
yayayayaya Rule Britannia, Britannia rules the waves
Rule Britannia!:goodjob:
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