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HERC Factory Next War Wonder (XML+Python) 2016-10-05

I'm sure this one won't be as popular as a few of my other wonders, mainly because it's designed for the Next War mod, but I know quite a few people and mod makers (including myself) that use Next War as a sort of official future era for BTS. Plus, I try to spread around the wonders I make in terms of culture and time frame and the future era is usually lacking in mods.

This was made for my next version of Thomas' War.

Why is it called the HERC Factory, well that's what it is called in Empire Earth 2. It wasn't a wonder in EE2 but it was used to make giant robots. Plus, Walter Hawkwood uploaded those fantastic EE2 rips.

At first glance, the bonuses might seem a little weird. Yes, it causes massive unhealthiness but keep in mind that the -4 in all cities can be countered with Recycling Centers, as the wonder only removes the Recycling Center in the owner city. Plus, the main draw, removing the Assault Mech National Unit Cap applies to all cities.

This modcomp is also somewhat odd as it's the only one of my wonders that won't work independently. The reason being is that I used the Next War XML and Python files (from the BTS 3.17 patch) in the folders as it requires techs and buildings from that mod. It's aimed, I guess, more for mod makers that make use of Next War than the casual modder. Anyway, I know several people like my wonders mainly for the code which they apply to their own ideas and buildings, so people can copy this as a way to remove National Unit Caps for other units.

All the python is labeled and searching for "HERC Factory" should find all the changes.

It activates the USE_CAN_TRAIN_CALLBACK and the USE_CANNOT_CONSTRUCT_CALLBACK in the PythonCallbackDefines XML file.

I recommend downloading Winmerge to help combine the files.

XML, python, button, static wonder movie: me (tsentom1)
Building:Taken from EE2 uploaded by Walter Hawkwood

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