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Longevity Wonder (XML+Python) 2016-10-05

Longevity Wonder (XML+Python)

  1. tsentom1
    This one is rather simple and it's been sitting on my computer for a while. My memory is failing me at the moment, but I'm pretty sure this was the Longevity Wonder bonus from Civ III, but you can use it for The Cure for Cancer or whatever. It probably works better for mods with an extended future but it's always helpful for late-game slavery. Anyway, I made this for someone's mod a while back so I'm just cleaning house and releasing it here as well.

    Bonus is pretty self explanatory. You gain two population instead of one when your cities grow. I also added a global health bonus. It has a 3D wonder movie.

    All the python is labeled and searching for "Longevity" should find all the changes.

    I recommend downloading winmerge to help combine the files.

    XML, python: me (tsentom1)
    Building, button: asioasioasio
    Wonder Movie: Taken from Call to Power



    1. longevity_ekL.jpg