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Italian Industrial Age Unit Pack (ver.2) 2016-10-05

Italian Industrial Age Unit Pack (ver.2)

  1. Bakuel
    Some new and improved old units for a Italian civilization's industrial age.
    Requested by phungus420 but also includes a number of suggested units by both Capo and 10lire.
    A general purpose pack meant to replace my older and less streamlined Italian industrial age pack.

    Animations directions are in the zip.

    Discussion Thread

    EDIT: Updated the Redshirt with bagger pants do to the suggestions of Walter Hawkwood, also updated the black uniformed grenadier.
    Now it is actually included in the zip!


    1. italyindustrialpic0_358.jpg
    2. italyindustrialpic1nocannon_Y3m.jpg
    3. redshirtpic1_93t.jpg