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Jarcast's The Navajo 3.0

Adds the civilization of the Navajo under Manuelito to the game

  1. Changed UU effects, bug and balance fixs

    - slightly reduced the amount of Musician points upon blessing construction
    - changed effect of UU Hataali: removed great people points, added healing of all owned units by 33HP when expended, holy sites heal stationing units by 15HP, adjacent units by 5HP.
    - added custom unit promotion icons thanks to AsterixRage
    - fixed blessing chants being purchasable by other civs
    - fixed issues related to 3rd-4th unique components for VP mod compatibility
  2. Decision unit Naabaahii fix

    - Fixed a bug where the Events and Decision unit Naabaahii is purchasable from other civs
  3. Added what was missing

    Added dawn of man text and support for Additional achievement.