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Jurassic Park Interface and Terrain 2016-10-05

Jurassic Park Interface and Terrain

  1. Balthasar
    This is actually a patch for Lord Malbeth's "Jurrasic Park is Scary in the Dark" scenario. To use it, you have to first download the scenario (link below), then download this interface patch for it. It will get alot easier once LM merges his files with this one, but for now, be patient and get all of the files to the proper places, and be rewarded with Lush Hawaiian Jungle and colorful graphic interface. Some parts of this will be available soon as separate downloads, unless I get lazy.

    Lord Malbeth's Jurrasic Park Scenario Thread is Here.

    Edit May 17,2009: Fixed Minimap (on lower left of main screen) by AgainstTheFlow makes words 'Jurassic Park' more easily read. Also minor fix of Player Setup Screen eliminates seams in background wood panel. It's a coupla minor fixes. If you've already downloaded this interface before this edit date, you can get just the changed files here.

    Aug 5, 09: Update Did an update of the mountains, making all new green mountains. Update also includes new Mountains_snow and marsh files. Find it >here<

    Happy Dino Hunting!


    1. jp_player_setup_21B.jpg
    2. jp_main_screen_fAC.jpg
    3. jp_city_screen_43i.jpg
    4. jp_domestic_U65.jpg
    5. jp_science_advisor_a2x.jpg