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La Tortuga (the Tortuga Tank) 1.0.0

By popular demand, ladies and gentlemen, its excellency the Tortuga Tank

  1. AzraelZephyrian

    This is a template mod for the Tortuga tank. Provided is an xml file which calls the .fsxml, .ftsxml, and the animgraph files.

    Also included are a number of texture files; I think the Tortuga's color scheme in real-life is ill-suited to the bright lighting of Civ, so I suggest you use the "desert" skin. All you have to do is change its name to "Tortuga_DIFF.dds" and set "import into VFS = true".

    It's also worth noting that I found a lovely icon for the Tortuga, and included this as well. You will need to add it to a unit icon atlas in order to employ it.
    The edited animgraph/edited state machine are needed for the animations to function. For some reason, mechanized units don't seem to play their animations without edited animgraphs and state machine.

    In any event, enjoy! It's clearly the bestest most powerfulest tank to ever tank.