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  1. F

    [BNW] Any up to date reliable guides on importing custom models, textures and anims for units?

    Preferably I would want to find somebody who can make 3d models for certain unique units(mostly airship units) that im wanting to add to the game as well as other custom unit models, sounds, animations, ETC, possibly willing to commission/throw money at you if you know how to import custom art...
  2. HungryForFood

    Unique Unit Lines (v 3)

    Unique Unit Lines (steam workshop) (github) Unit lines Melee/Gun: Warrior > Spearman > Pikeman > Tercio > Fusilier > Rifleman > Infantry > Mechanized Infantry Melee/Gun: Swordsman > Longswordsman > Tercio > Fusilier > Rifleman > Infantry > Mechanized Infantry Ranged: Archer > Composite...
  3. J

    What are you favourite Unique Units to use and abuse in VP?

    I know a lot of them have been tweaked from vanilla and even from older versions of VP. Which ones do you think are still really strong in a good way? For my money, I like the Aztec Eagle for the free workers from kills and insane healing from kills (+40 with authority), allowing you to kill...
  4. King Phaedron

    Moongates and Various Ideas for Unique Traits

    Moat loving civilization: Construct a moat: City must be settled next to a river and have built Ancient Walls. +2 Food from River Fish, wraps the river around the city by digging a trench. Applies +7 instead of the usual +5 disadvantage for attacking the city across the river. +culture and...
  5. Soupy Delicious

    A little post I made to show the allure of RI

    I just remembered that I'd made this today, and thought I might as well share it around. The idea was to show what kind of unit variety there is in the mod, of which there's a delicious amount https://www.reddit.com/r/civ/comments/h0p69j/realism_invictus_mod_is_absolutely_bonkas/
  6. WitchyStella

    City States which let you build Unique Units

    Hi there! I've recently started to do some planning on a mod that adds city states that let you build other civs' unique units. This idea was inspired by Gedemo's city state mods, some of which do exactly this. I'm planning to add a small secondary bonus as well, since the units are generally...
  7. CanusAlbinus

    PolyCast 349: Unfashionably Late

    The three hundred-and-forty-ninth episode of PolyCast, “Unfashionably Late“, features regular co-hosts Stephanie “Makahlua”, Philip “TheMeInTeam”, and Jason “MegaBearsFan” Grade and discusses the following: Forum Talk – 00h01m28s | Which AI Civilizations do the CivFanatics Readership Think...
  8. Kmart_Elvis

    [GS] Unique Unit Elimination Thread

    This thread is moderator approved. It's been several months since the release of Gathering Storm, so let's kick off with the first elimination game. Last year we did an elimination thread for unique units, but quite a bit has changed since Rise and Fall. Not only do we have more unique units...
  9. ambelgra

    [R&F] Help with UAV Unit

    So I haven't played Civ 6 in a while and a mod I made about a year ago needed to be updated (get rid of the compatibility errors). Everything seems good except these cook errors I'm getting on a unique unit for my leader Starting AssetCooker... OPENCL ACCELERATION IS NOT AVAILABLE! Your cooks...
  10. AzraelZephyrian

    La Tortuga (the Tortuga Tank) 1.0.0

    Tortuga in CIV 5 by AzraelZephyrian posted May 4, 2019 at 10:03 PMTortuga IRL by AzraelZephyrian posted May 4, 2019 at 10:03 PM This is a template mod for the Tortuga tank. Provided is an xml file which calls the .fsxml, .ftsxml, and the animgraph files. Also included are a number of...
  11. V

    Unique Unit problem

    I am no modder but try to use and modify mods... I use the Combat and Stacking Overhaul mod to make ranged units to have range 1. here is the code that makes this: /* Range = 1 for all Ranged Land/Sea unit */ UPDATE Units SET Range ='1' WHERE (RangedCombat > 0 OR Bombard > 0) AND (Domain =...
  12. StormBringer0520

    Custom Civilization Unique Units Not Working

    Alright so I'm creating a custom civilization, and everything works except the unique units. They simply don't appear at all in game. What I'm trying to do is create a custom civilization based off the America Civ, and I've attempted to change the American B17 unique unit to the Stealth bomber...
  13. pineappledan

    Unique Units with no Carry-Forward Promotions

    Issue: There are a few unique units which do not have any bonuses which remain after they are upgraded. Why a change might be good: promotions that stay on upgrade are fun, and enhance the character of a unique unit beyond its initial power spike maintaining "legacy" units is an enjoyable...
  14. TahamiTsunami

    Which unique units or unique infrastructures would you like to see?

    I've enjoyed looking through Guandao's threads for possible choices of leaders, wonders, great people, etc. so I thought I'd get the ball rolling on what unique units and infrastructures that we'd like to see from current or potential civs. One of the ones I'd really like to see from a...
  15. pineappledan

    Unique unit city state gifts from civs with promotions in their UA

    There are a number of unique units which might be a little lacklustre if given as CS gifts. Should the UUs have the UA promotions on them so they don’t feel underwhelming as CS gifts? This would not affect the UU in the hands of its own civ. Woodsman on Mohawk Warrior Amphibious & War Canoe in...
  16. bcaiko

    Are early UUs basically worthless?

    Folks - Since the technology/culture eras in Civ6 process so quickly, I can't help but wonder if early era unique units are basically useless compared to later era units. Here's my logic: By the time you're able to build enough of the early UUs to make a difference, the AI has already moved...
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