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MadDjinns Tech Tree (mod) 2.21

Vanilla CivVI tech tree replacement

  1. forgot load order

    A minor change because I forgot to ensure modbuddy didn't remove the load order for the mod.
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  2. minor modding framework update

    A small update to handle the changes to load priority in the Summer 2017 update.
  3. v2.2 Now with more future proofing

    All I did here was add an sql statement to move any unit at Archery to Bronzeworking as well as put my load order really low so that any other mod will always load first... hopefully that lasts for a while.
  4. Compatability with MOAR Units

    small fix to allow MOAR Units to be compatible with the tech tree. (exactly one unit had to be moved).

    longer term fix would be to have an sql file move everything sitting on archery to bronze working. So if someone wants to figure that out, go for it and I'll add it.
  5. Updated for Aussie Patch

    I've added the mod to the Steam Workshop, but will leave a stable copy here.

    On top of ensuring the previous Renaissance->Information Era modded parts are still working, I took a shot at modding the Ancient Era->Medieval Era as well.