Main Screen Mod (BtS) 2016-10-05

Main Screen Mod (BtS)

  1. NeverMind
    Version 2.33b for BtS 3.19

    Main Screen Mod is a collection of useful tweaks for, which defines the look of Civ4 in-game screen.


    - Show Turn Number (and *Max Turns) - changed
    - Show Current Era (financial panel)
    - Combat XP Counter (Great General Birth)
    - GP Generation Counter or *GP Info Bar (Impaler)

    - Show Civ names or Leader names
    - Show Attitude Color Text or Icons
    - Show *Score per Turn (Caesium) or *Hide Score (numbers)

    City Screen

    - Raw Commerce Display (Sevo)
    - Show Turns Left: Cultural Expansion and GP Birth (Chinese American)

    External files supported
    - *Extra Attitude Icons (Porges, Turlute)
    - *AI Attitude Value dll (Blacksun)

    Options changed (Options--Other--Clock)
    = Clock On - Civ/Leader names (scoreboard)
    = 24 Hour Clock - Attitude Color Text or Icons (scoreboard)

    * - features that could be turn on by simple switches in modified

    For more info and discussion visit forum thread!

    Vanilla version: here || Warlords version: here