Map Tacks 3.1.0

Map pin improvements

  1. Frontier Pass (May 2020) update: fix barbarian camp icon (original look + new red variant)

    Restored the original barbarian outpost icon and fixed the new icon so that the red color displays correctly on tacks.
  2. Official base game version + optional add-ons

    The Map Tacks mod is now included in Civilization VI!

    This optional add-on makes a few small changes to the official interface:
    • improve the editor layout for Gathering Storm districts
    • fix some in-game text that still refers to map pins instead of tacks
  3. Minor bugfix for benchmark mode

    Validate player IDs to avoid spurious errors in benchmark mode.
  4. Smart editor layout with wonder icons

    Improved the tack editor to gracefully handle different expansions and large groups of icons like wonders.
  5. Improve tack list layout and scrolling

    Fixes mouse wheel scrolling in the tack list. Also improves the list layout and changes the scrollbar to work more like standard game interfaces.
  6. Gathering Storm update

    Fixes compatibility problems with the February 2019 update.
  7. Performance improvements

    Improve performance with large numbers of tacks. Improve overlapping and stacking so that closer tacks always look closer, and the current player is always on top of the stack in multiplayer.
  8. Custom localization and new icons

    Customize in-game text to use Map Tacks name, add new expansion & scouting icons.
  9. Compatibility & design update for Rise & Fall expansion

    Fixes compatibility problems with the February 2018 update and redesigns the map pin popup to accommodate new Rise & Fall districts.