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Map Tacks 3.1.0

Map pin improvements

  1. BWS
    Map Tacks
    Adds new map icons
    Enhances list interface
    Fixes bugs and styling

    New icons
    The map tack editor adds many new icons:
    • districts
    • improvements
    • villages and barbarians
    • common unit actions
    • great people
    • wonders
    All new icons have tooltips, including game effects for districts, improvements, and wonders.
    Scrollable map pin list
    The list dynamically resizes to show up to 15 map tacks, with a scrollbar to manage longer lists. It groups all named locations at the top, followed by all unnamed locations in numerical order.

    Bug fixes and restyling
    The mod fixes a few base-game bugs and styling problems. It handles large numbers of map tacks without breaking the popup list or causing performance problems. Unnamed markers now sort correctly when there are more than ten. Labels and controls have more consistent alignment and spacing. The mod improves overlapping and stacked icons, so that closer tacks always look closer, and the current player always appears on top in multiplayer.

    The Map Tacks mod does not affect saved games, so you can add it to a game in progress or disable it without breaking your game. It overrides any map pin features in other UI mods. Map Tacks is compatible with Unique District Icons, and uses the unique icons for districts.

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