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Medieval European Mod II 2016-10-05

Medieval European Mod II

  1. embryodead
    Medieval European Mod II is a 2007-2009 total conversion mod for Civ3:Conquests by embryodead & Yoda Power, inspired by the 2003 Medieval European Mod for Civ3:pTW by Yoda Power. The mod spans through 4 eras roughly from the second half of the Early Middle Ages up to the Renaissance (700-1550 AD).

    - Civilization 3: Conquests version 1.22
    - 400 mb disk space

    1. Download the "mem-1.0.zip" file and "mem-1.3-upd.zip" update
    2. Unzip both archives directly into your Conquests\Scenarios folder (usually C:\Program Files\Infogrames Interactive\Civilization III\Conquests\Scenarios)
    3. Run Conquests and choose Civ-Content to access one of the mod's BIQs:

    MEM.biq - Regular Game (Random Map)
    MEM Europe (Large).biq - Clean Map of Europe, 130x102 tiles, 31 players
    MEM Europe (Small).biq - Clean Map of Europe, 80x80 tiles, 20 players

    Once you have installed the mod, please remember update it to 1.3 version:
    MEM II 1.3 update (155 MB)

    More Information
    For more information, screenshots and extra maps/scenarios see the mod's thread: http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?t=218602