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Mercenary Mod v.3 2016-10-05

Mercenary Mod v.3

  1. PrimoXanthous
    ~want an Army of unique units from Different Civilizations? try this Mod~

    :king:This Mod Add another Unit line in the Game "Mercenaries"

    This Mercenary units are equipped with "Recruitment" promotion which allows you to capture defeated enemy units.

    This is the Upgrade Line of Mercenaries :

    Mercenary Swordsman
    str: :c5strength:12

    Mercenary Halberdier
    str: :c5strength:18

    Mercenary Musketman
    str: :c5strength:22

    Mercenary Rifleman
    str: :c5strength:32

    Great War Mercenary
    str: :c5strength:47

    Cold War Mercenary
    str: :c5strength:68

    Modern Mercenary
    str: :c5strength:88

    Required Gods n' Kings Expansion:


    Compatible with all DLCs
    Compatible with Gods n' kings


    1. modern_mercenary_RV4.gif
    2. mercenary_swordsman_y9W.jpg
    3. mercenary_halberdier_Tj8.jpg
    4. mercenary_modern_un6.jpg
    5. mercenary_modern_Y54.jpg
    6. battle1_Ss1.jpg
    7. capture_4Q3.jpg
    8. formation_J8t.jpg