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A custom true-start map pack containing two huge (106x66) maps of the Mediterranean and North Sea.


Maps included:
Spoiler Moda's Huge Mediterranean :

Spoiler Moda's Huge North Sea :

Resources are placed manually, corresponding to real-world deposits and for game balance

All Civs are playable on each map. Civs whose capitals aren't on a particular map instead have their spawn point randomly selected from a pool of pre-set locations.

Feel free to edit and use these maps as you please, including with your own mods. All I ask is to be credited if you re-upload my work!

Known Bugs and Issues:
- Currently some maps made with the in-game world builder don't have river flooding, polar ice melting, or the ability to create dams. Unfortunately there is nothing I can do to fix that right now.
- Unfortunately having random spawns for city-states bugs the game when starting later than the ancient era. As a compromise, I have chosen pre-set spawns for all city-states on most maps, even those without true spawn locations (eg. Hong Kong). I'll revert city-states back to semi-random spawns as soon as a solution is found.
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Latest updates

  1. Byzantium + Gaul DLC

    Byzantium + Gaul DLC
  2. Fixed bug where some resources were unimproveable

    Fixed bug where some resources were unimproveable

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Absolutely brilliant. Can play with all Euro Civ's plus Glgamesh, Cleo and Genghis and they're all in the right place. Much fun!!
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