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More Lenses 5.0

Adds more lenses to the game

  1. Major update

    • Settings panel added. Auto apply setting for builder and scout. Added one extra setting to apply scout lens to all military units (disabled by default). Two settings for builder to disable "nothing to do" and "dangerous" plot highlighting.
    • Updated resource panel to show resource counts the player owns w.r.t. global discovered plots. Resource panel selection now is saved across turns and saves. The resource category checkbox now deselects rather than hides their respective...
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  2. Hotseat Fix


    Long time coming, but I fixed the issues with Builder lens in hotseat mode.
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  3. Minor bug fix to Scout lens

    Fixes issue with scout lens trigger when unit moves.
  4. September 2019 Update


    Fixes for September 2019 patch.
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  5. First update for June 2019 Patch


    Added changes from June 2019 Patch
  6. Small fix

    Small fix to city overlap panel that had some stashed code that got archived incorrectly.
  7. Antarctic Late Summer Update


    1, Patches for the map search
    2. Disables a few checks to improve performance in builder lens
    3. Language updates, from CQUI translators
  8. Gathering Storm Update

    More Lenses Changelog v4.0

    1. Fixed compatbility with Gathering storm
    2. Lens now have a neutral color to help highliting relevant plots. Example with barbarian lens, the actual camps are red, but the rest of the plots will be grey so that the camps stand out more.
    3. Builder lens coloring reworked:
      1. Resources -- Magenta
      2. Pillaged / Damaged -- Purple
      3. Recommended Feature Improvement -- Teal
      4. Hills -- Green
      5. Feature extraction / improvement -- Blue
      6. Generic tile...
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  9. Rise and Fall, Developers Update

    1. Makes mod compatible with RnF and recent patch.
    2. Major overhaul on how lenses were added to the mod. Makes it really easy for developers to add new lenses without editing my mod files. So lenses can be their own mods.
    3. Builder lens enhancements. Resource hex is highlighted if it has an incorrect improvement on it (example uranium on a farm). Removed red hex (ie "nothing to do") from improvements and district and wonder lens. Fixes issue with having a sea of red tiles in late...
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  10. Made Compatible with Fall 2017 patch

    1. Fixes issues with the builder lens not appearing
    2. Ports features made to the religion lens in the patch to this mod.
  11. Fix for linux and mac

    Fix for linux and mac users, who don't have access to summer patch yet.
  12. Hotfix update


    1. Fixes issue with the builder lens nothing to do not being applied.
    2. Added setting for hiding generic plots in builder lens.
    3. Fixed various issues with Citizen management are not being applied/removed when it should.
  13. Summer Patch 2017 Update

    • Fixes for summer 2017 patch
    • Adds citizen management overlay in city screen.
    • Adds alternate settler lens that activates on holding CTRL and selecting a settler
  14. New Lens, extra side panel, bug fixes

    1. Adds Naturalist Lens
    2. Adds Sidepanel for City Overlap Lens
    3. Adds Custom lens available to other modders
    4. Various bug fixes to builder lens, text issues.
  15. Naturalist Lens, and other changes

    • Adds Naturalist Lens
    • Fixes bug where the natural parks would not correctly apply in builder lens.
    • Added a resource picker for the Resource Lens (significantly improves the usability)
    • Added various other languages. Transported from CQUI. Big thanks to those translators.
  16. Builder Lens enhancements

    1. Builder lens tracks technologies and civics. Nothing to do should properly apply. Example: Flat desert should appear red, unless you have an improvement that can be built on it. (ex: Great Wall)
    2. Fixed Government lens not applying
    3. Added Recommended Feature hex to builder lens that highlights flood plains, forest next to rivers, and plots next to wonders that give bonus yields.
    4. Scout lens updates on movement of scout.
    5. Fixed issue with the...
  17. Major Update - 8 new lenses and bug fixes

    This is a major update so stick with me
    • Changed logic how the modded lenses were being displayed to make it less buggy when switching between various lenses.
    • Fixed issue with builder lens not working when building a wonder with no prereq tech.
    • Changed the appearance of builder lens.
      • No longer paints red all over the map. Fixes issue of rivers being visible in undiscovered territory.
      • Highlights with light green removable features (jungle, forest)
      • Highlights...
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  18. Small bugfix update

    Fixed the following issues:
    • When the builder had used all his charges, the builder lens would remain active.
    • For China, all wonders would show up as green, not just the Ancient and Classical wonders.