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    So I was playing a nice casual game as England. Me being British, I thought it was weird that I hadn't beaten the game on diety as England. At the beginning of the game I converted to playing faith because I got a free relic from tribal village and I found "Jerusalem" and "Chingueitti." This...
  2. MangoCheeseCakey

    Abraham Lincoln in Lego Brickheadz form (MOC)

    Brickhead Abraham Lincoln tries to preserve the Union. *An attempt at completing what @Scaramanga started.
  3. S

    [GS] Starting in Later Game Eras (Industrial, Atomic, Modern)

    I've been starting civ6 in the later eras and there's some kind of imbalance in resources and in costs of tech and units. In all the games I play, no one ends up with any nukes or space race until near the very end. There are usually more oil patches in the sea than on the land. There's no...
  4. Laurana Kanan

    A 1,000 More Clues You Played Too Much Civ 6

    With the previous thread hitting 1,000 clues, it's time to continue the fun with a new thread! 1001. You realize a thousand clues just weren't enough to drive home the point that we're all Civfanatics. See the previous thread here...
  5. G

    [GS] Pantheon Pick

    I tend to always pick the same pantheons every game. I would love a fresh look from the community! Heads Up I did also post this on reddit! All the settings in this image and I will include savegame and a photo of the map as well. Play 50 turns for me and show me how YOUR Pantheon Pick would...
  6. blackbutterfly

    Scrambled China [RF+GS+NFP+LP] 1.1

    An internally randomized map of China in 6 (custom) sizes from Duel to Huge. In fact this is a port of Civ V's Scrambled China map architected by Firaxis's Bob Thomas. (I have tried to preserve as much original code as possible including river and landform generation).
  7. Z

    Discord bot for Civ VI Play by Cloud games.

    Over the pandemic, I've played a few asynchronous games of Civ 6 with friends, using discord to keep track of whose turn it is. We wanted a way to automate @mention'ing the next player, so we looked around. There are a few github repos that have this functionality that you can clone and run...
  8. blackbutterfly

    SCENARIO/MAP: Colonization of The New World 29

    A scenario inspired by the Conquest of The New World in Civ V, which emphasises exploration and expansion over conquest; preservation and protection over plunder and profit. The map is an internally randomised map script of The New World. It is based on the Azimuthal equidistant projection of...
  9. Duke William of Normandy

    [LP] Great Negotiators: First Look

    Here's our First Look video! Even though the Notes have already been revealed and such! :P Ignore them!
  10. Laurana Kanan

    [LP] Civilization VI: Leader Pass - Screenshot Analysis Thread

    This thread will be similar to the one that was done for the New Frontier Pass. Please use this thread to post in-game screenshots and analysis from the Civilization VI: Leader Pass. Sources can be from First Looks, Livestreams, or official images. Main discussion thread for the LP can be...
  11. K

    Continents Name Replace Kit 1.0

    Example (in ja_JP(my native language is Japanese), English notes) Nena is an acronym of Northern Europe-North America, I replaced because it is including cardinal direction and civilization name. Kumari Kandam is often equated with Lemuria in popular culture, so I replaced too. North America in...
  12. CanusAlbinus

    PolyCast 396: Objective Performance Metrics for Civilization at School

    The three hundred-and-ninety-sixth episode of PolyCast, “Objective Performance Metrics for CIvlization at School“ is now available for streaming on This episode features regular co-hosts CanusAlbinus, Stephanie “Makahlua”, Phil "TheMeInTeam", and Jason "MegaBearsFan"...
  13. F

    Ways to use critical thinking to help create strategies to win more games?

    Hi im seth, im 21 years old and I have ADHD, I feel like my school failed me in teaching me critical thinking and therefore im trying to fix that(Weird start I know) But I figured that perhaps one of the best ways to do so is to learn how to play strategy games and actually Strategize/plan...
  14. blackbutterfly

    Have You Ditched Civ VI and Returned to Civ V?

    Nostalgia playing Old World inspired me to crack open my dusty digital edition of Civ V after almost a decade. And you know what? I forgot what an awesome game it was! It can hold it's own to Civ VI. In fact, IMO it's gameplay is superior to Civ VI! What do you think?
  15. Saint3639

    Earth map 160x90 V.3.0.

    I APOLOGIZE FOR THE INCORRECT TRANSLATION OF THE DESCRIPTION, THANKS TO THE ONLINE TRANSLATOR... Map created, personally by me according to my subjective opinion! a little disproportionate, Europe is slightly enlarged, some islands are also slightly enlarged, but everything is located...
  16. CanusAlbinus

    PolyCast Update

    Hello everyone. It's been a while since we've said anything publicly, but I felt like i should say something. I probably should have earlier. First, although there has not been a published episode since last year, our show has not been canceled. We have four episodes already recorded for...
  17. DrCron

    How to deal with barbarians

    Hey everyone, After seeing many players complain (especially on reddit) that barbarians are too strong, I decided to make a video "overexplaining" how to handle them: After this, I thought that I would also come here to ask people what are some mechanics that annoy them or ruin the fun for...
  18. Boa's Mod Productions

    CIVILIZATION VI - Boa's Music Template

    Welp, it has been too long, so I finally released a music template! All that's left is to put your music in, and adjust the settings! DOWNLOAD LINKS Google Drive: Github...
  19. raen

    Armadas are NAU! 1.0

    Portugal is Nau! module 7! - Armadas are Nau! Adding Nau da Armada and Caravela Redonda for Portugal. Caravela Redonda at Exploration, replaces Privateer Nau da Armada at Cartography replaces Frigate. Note: This mod requires units assets...
  20. P

    Hide numbers on mouse-over?

    Hello. I tried to delete the on-mouse-over numbers shown in the world-rankings-screen. So you are still able to see the rankings(which nations leads in the different categories) and the more or less filles up icons from the nations. But you can´t see how much scientific-points or culture points...
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