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More Notifification 1.0.4

Allows you to add your own notifications more easily + Example

  1. fix forupdate and DLC

    fix forupdate and DLC
    and remove barbarian camp notif
  2. Same version

    forgot my debug notification sorry :/
  3. Fix update

    update notification panel
  4. Fixed crash

    Fixed game crash when creating a notification, if you create or dismiss a notification using the event "GameEvents.PlayerTurnStarted", the game could crash, you should use "GameEvents.PlayerTurnStartComplete" instead, the crash happen when my pannel try to dismiss notification stack with the bad event, sorry for every crash caused.
  5. Fix bug

    Notification stack fixed
  6. GS update

    now compatible with GS and now you need to add
    "pNotification.IsCustom = true" or it won't work (ask me if you have any problem)
  7. Author Gave me right To use his notifications reworked by me

    RE ADDED REWORKED VERSIONS of FearSunn's Population notification, Religion notification, Barbarians notification, Borders notification and Deal expired notification
  8. Add a tutorial

    Add an help on how to create your notifications
  9. Reupload

    reupload without example